The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Navigate the Dichotomy of We vs. Me - Jennifer Racioppi

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Navigate the Dichotomy of We vs. Me

Eclipse season: a time for profound change marked with a practicality that encourages us to see the big picture (and get our soul in alignment). Just a few days ago we welcomed the Vernal Equinox and the Sun’s entrance into Aries, bringing a fresh focus on our identity and our goals. And now we prepare […]


Eclipse season: a time for profound change marked with a practicality that encourages us to see the big picture (and get our soul in alignment). Just a few days ago we welcomed the Vernal Equinox and the Sun’s entrance into Aries, bringing a fresh focus on our identity and our goals. And now we prepare for the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra happening at 7:48 am ET on the morning of March 23rd. Tis the season of resurrection!

There’s no going backward, ladies. Our new, redefined, reality emerges in the weeks leading up to, and following, this eclipse!

The full moon in Libra, opposes the Sun in Aries, throwing the spotlight on the duality between “me” and “we.” But more important to note—this is the last eclipse on the Aries-Libra axis, which began back in October 2013. Since then we’ve had five other eclipses in Libra, (in addition to today). Personally, I feel these eclipses were about dissolving the illusion of the “other,” and worked to help us understand that our experiences are the projections of our consciousness—particularly when it comes to our relationships.

Can you remember October 13, 2013, April 14, 2014, October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, or September 27, 2015? They were each an eclipse in Libra—the sign of relationship, partnership, balance, and poise! A time when we learned about who we are in our relationships, as well as more about those around us too. Hopefully, by now we have a deeper understanding of our roadblocks to intimacy, and how we participate in (sometimes even creating) the drama of our lives.

In addition to this full moon concluding the current cycle of Libra eclipses, it also brings quintessential 2016 aspects to the forefront, like the Saturn and Jupiter square. A square is an astrological configuration that puts creative pressure on things, so they evolve. Most notably today, Saturn, the planet of discipline, purpose, and limits, is in an exact square (or challenging angle) with Jupiter, the planet of good luck, fortune, and abundance. While other astrologers may have a different take on this, to me this simply ups the ante on devoting ourselves to our dreams, encouraging us to work diligently to expand our heartfelt connection to being alive. By staying dedicated to our freedom and dreams, we give permission to others to do the same. And if we operate from the standpoint that we are all connected, you can see how aligning what we say, think and do in our lives with our unbridled love, translates into an altered reality for others. In short, Jupiter squaring Saturn has broad implications for the expansion of social consciousness. And if we look at it in the context of this lunar eclipse happening at 3 degrees Libra (which is aligned with the Super Galactic Center) there’s tremendous opportunity to integrate the lessons life so desperately wants to teach us right now.  In case you are wondering, the Super Galactic Center is an unfathomably large black hole of which the entire Milky Way Galaxy belongs to. NBD.

This is the final push, ladies. Take a good hard look at any relationship imbalances, any area in your life where you might be resisting partnership and symbiosis. Full moons tend to illuminate our lives, helping us clearly see our problem areas, so take this opportunity to get real and get practical about bringing things back to balance. But more importantly, look within and notice where your projections may fog the mirror of what’s happening in relationships with others. Do your best to get clear where transference (when you apply a negative trait you experienced earlier in life to someone else currently in your life) may be blocking your view of the other. OWN YOUR SHIT. And then evaluate what needs to shift (or be addressed) in the relationship. To your best ability develop objectivity, then be brave and take action to clean things up.

I totally understand that addressing the “me” vs. “we” duality that defines this eclipse may be easier said than done. I get it. It’s tough to figure out what we need to do with this cosmic landscape, which is why this is the perfect time to address the paradox of self-care.

Self-care is the act of serving ourselves attention, love and compassion. In moments of self-care, we listen to our most profound needs and learn to be there for ourselves—even in the toughest of moments. Self-care can be hard work—it is not just about buying yourself flowers or treating yourself to a pedicure (though those things are beautiful). Beyond that, it involves devotion to the parts of ourselves that we may not like, so that we can move forward braver and more resilient than ever. It’s about fully loving ourselves for all of who we are—our shadows included.

The word “self-care” implies that you are doing it by yourself—it is a self-initiated act, ultimately executed by you, in service of you. But this is not the whole story either, and this is where we might fall into the trap of a lone ranger mentality if we aren’t diligent.

Our businesses, personal platforms, and the manifestations of our deepest heart’s desires do not happen alone, and the same goes for self-care. When we recognize a need to turn attention to ourselves—like in this very moment of ecliptic transformation—we might think what we need is selfish. But the beautiful thing about self-care is it’s not selfish, nor is it about doing things alone. It’s about opening up to receive support from our self and others, so we can keep our side of the street clean. Self-care allows us to elevate how we show up in the world and the contribution we are capable of making beyond ourselves.

The Libra-Aries axis may represent the dichotomy of “me” and “we,” but what feels  tense may be a firm (but gentle) reminder to use the opposing forces in service of each other. Not only is this wise advice for today’s full moon lunar eclipse, but also the exact square between Jupiter and Saturn.

Here’s a full moon eclipse exercise to help you unpack this lunar potential and pinpoint how to best move forward.

Use the Lunar Eclipse to Navigate Me vs. We

1.    Acknowledge your transformation. In what ways has your life changed in the past few weeks? Are you expecting any changes—big or small? How have your priorities and ambitions shifted? What are you learning about yourself in the process?

2.    Assess what YOU want and need. Given your evolution, what do you now seek to accomplish? What do you need—materially, mentally, emotionally? Take note of the elements of your life that you need to release to serve your new mission, and embrace self-care and self-compassion in the process. Learning to support yourself helps you help others holistically too.

3.    Now look at your relationships. How do the people in your life fit into this renewed version of you? In what areas might you be able to move into a more collaborative way of working to achieve your goals? Think of people you might ask to step up, and those you might ask to go. Remember; this is about understanding our inherent unity and interconnectedness while maintaining appropriate boundaries and self-care.

4.    Speak up! Release the need to do everything on your own. Use your voice to clear the air with others where needed. And ask for help where appropriate.

5.    Accept change and support. For many, a full moon lunar eclipse marks a transition in our lives—so don’t be surprised if this planetary energy is giving you a dose of tough love as you navigate transformation. It’s for your highest good! I promise. In the meanwhile, be open to receiving the support you need as it shows up. Say thank you, and let love in.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful lunar eclipse. Please leave me a comment below and let me know how this eclipse is treating you!

With love,



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