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The New Moon Eclipse. What Do You Want to Grow?

Early this morning (or late last night, depending on where you are in the world) the moon and sun came together at 8 degrees of Taurus, and as the moon cast a shadow upon the earth, we finally experienced the new moon eclipse in Taurus. Following the full moon eclipse we had just a couple […]

Early this morning (or late last night, depending on where you are in the world) the moon and sun came together at 8 degrees of Taurus, and as the moon cast a shadow upon the earth, we finally experienced the new moon eclipse in Taurus. Following the full moon eclipse we had just a couple of weeks ago, it’s been a rocky string of events and if you felt some anxiety, you weren’t alone.

I heard from so many of my clients and readers that they felt really shaken up these past few weeks. The good news is that that as the new moon energy lingers throughout today, we commence a new beginning, a new cycle and I believe we’re all going to start to feel a lot more grounded. Big thanks to that!

The purpose of the last few weeks, from an astrological perspective, was to shake us up. Move us into motion. Free us from things that weren’t in our highest good. Rally us with a distinct call to action. Some of us might be feeling this clearly. Others may still be wondering what the call to action actually is. Both are right.

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum from total certainty about where you are heading next to complete uncertainty about what life is moving you towards, we are all in this together, and the best news is—you can’t get it wrong. Deep exhale.

New moons are times to set intentions.

Given that this new moon fell in Taurus, a fixed earth sign, we are being provided with fertile soil to plant a garden of new beginnings. Taurus new moons are great for things associated with feeling supported such as having enough money or choosing foods that nourish and replenish the body. It’s about connecting with the earth literally and building a solid foundation for things to come. (Note: it’s no coincidence that Earth Day is right around the time the sun moves into Taurus.)

While many of us may feel totally integrated right now with a deep understanding of where we are being called to next, many of us remain in throes of uncertainty.

Me? I’m somewhere between the two. The energy of April brought with it many changes in my life. I moved out of my beloved home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to my new abode upstate in Columbia County. My husband and I are giving ourselves the summer to figure out how we are going to have the right mix of city and country in our lives. That means finding the right neighborhood in NYC to relocate to full time later in 2014 or the beginning of 2015.

We’re looking for a place that nurtures us and gives us an opportunity to continue to travel out of the city for replenishment. For the time being, we are trying out different neighborhoods on a short-term basis to see what we like. I can’t say either of us is any clearer regarding where that might be. Sigh. Though, we love the adventure this is creating in our lives and I feel even closer to him because of this.

Something is on its way to you. I promise!

No matter where you are right now, today is an excellent day to set some intentions for yourself regarding what you’d like to see come into fruition for your life. Don’t let this potent energy pass you by. Carve out some time to find clarity within yourself (even if you still feel like you’re in total transition). Discover the calling of your heart on an even deeper level—particularly with regards to what you desire around creating a stronger foundation in your life!

This is a combo of both being and doing. It’s about going inside to see what’s speaking to you, while staying on the lookout in the outside world to what is arriving for you.

Once you notice what’s happening in your outside world connect even more deeply to your inner world, what my dear LadyLove Meggan Watterson calls the voice of your soul– that still quiet voice within that has wisdom and guidance for you– and listen to what it’s saying. Your next step involves taking action on this.

Let’s set some new moon intentions! (This is the fun part.)

I have been setting intentions with the new moon for over a decade now, and I’ve taught thousands of other women how to do the same. I have seen so many miraculous things come into form from the ritual of doing this, both in my own life and the life of others. #grateful. And, I’m excited to pass it on to you.

Step One: Take out a clean piece of paper, preferably a special piece of stationary if you have it, or something else that feels sacred to you. Similarly, find a writing utensil that has a special feel to it. If you can’t find either, don’t worry. It’s not that huge of a deal. I just find it nice to write your intentions in a way that feels sacred.

Step Two: Write your list of new moon intentions. Remember, these should be related to building a solid foundation for your life. They can be money related, food related, body related or anything else that provides you with a sense of safety, security, nourishment, and healthy indulgence. Keep your intentions focused and concise – preferably around one topic, wish or desire. As you write out your intentions, visualize them coming into being. See them happening. Evoke a strong sense of vision for yourself.

Step Three: Now that your intentions are written out, read them out loud.  If you can, do it in front of the mirror. Use your name and state your intention affirmatively. As a rule of thumb, read each of your intentions three times.

Step Four: When you feel complete, and have successfully conjured a sense of knowing for yourself and a feeling for what you are creating, allow yourself to sink into gratitude. Spend a few minutes savoring the positive feelings of what you are creating, what you have already created, and for your present even as it exactly is.

Step Five: Fold your intentions and place them somewhere special. Feel free over the next couple of days to take them out and read them aloud again.

As the moon waxes back to full, it is time for action. Specific steps may come to mind in association with your creation. If they do, it’s imperative that you follow through with them. For the moment though, you’ve done great work and can relax.

If you’ve got any questions about setting new moon intentions, please feel free to reach out. I am here for you and would love to support you in your journey forward!

As always, I send you my love. Thank you for welcoming me into your life!

Big hugs,


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