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The New Moon in Aquarius: Happy Lunar New Year

Today’s new moon in Aquarius kicks off the Chinese New Year! With the year of the fire monkey in full effect, we can expect the spirit of play to uplift us. The transition from the sheep into the monkey provides the perfect metaphor for this new moon, which offers some serious positive potential. Now that Mercury, the planet that rules our thought process, exits his retrograde shadow (this officially happens when he enters Aquarius on the 13th) it’s time to kick our new year off in earnest. Amazing.

Ladies, this new moon, is about launching and leading, especially in the direction of unleashing our uniqueness, leadership and authenticity. Today’s positive new moon in change-making-Aquarius offers us stellar support from Saturn and Uranus while simultaneously Jupiter and Venus approach their trine, a supportive angle that solidifies positive new beginnings as well.

One of my favorite astrologers, Robert Ohotto, published this vlog about today’s new moon: I highly recommend checking it out. Robert, a massive influence on the astrologer I’ve become, taught me about archetypal intuitive astrology, a major component of how I read charts. He nails today’s new moon in his vlog. I couldn’t have said it better myself; so be sure to listen to what he has to say.

In the days that follow today’s new moon in Aquarius, it’s up to us to massage our intentions for this lunation and midwife them into fruition. The upcoming Virgo full moon, happening on February 22, brings with it attention to detail that elicits high artistic capacities. In total, this month’s positive lunation cycle sets us up for the major eclipses coming our way in March. So please utilize the next month wisely. It’s an important time of the year that offers us the ability to move mountains without a single drop of wasted sweat.

Eclipses by definition are unpredictable, and the very best way to prepare for them is to create space in our lives and stamina in our bodies. That way, come the eclipses we’ll feel capable of pivoting as needed while we integrate the global realignments they bring.

In the comments below, let me know how you are using today’s new moon to unleash your creativity, individuality and spunk to lead the world into a new frontier.

As always I send you all of my love.

Big hugs,


PS. My new website is almost ready to launch. I cannot wait to share my latest creation with you. More on that very soon!

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