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The New Moon in Capricorn: Conjuring the Winds of Change

Happy New Year! 2016 a year about integrating wisdom, cultivating passion and remaining faithful to our dreams no matter what presents every opportunity to rise as a star. Are you ready? It’s our time to step up on behalf of our dreams and move forward with our deepest veracity.

January, a month to get things done, brings a business focus as the sun zooms through Capricorn. Even though, Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde from January 5th until January 25th, we can use this time to proactively fine-tune our strategies, check under the proverbial hoods of our life, and recalibrate as we step into the new-year. The Capricorn new moon on January 9th provides the perfect opportunity to set strong intentions for the new year. Shortly after, on January 13th, the sun follows this up by making a nice angle to good luck Jupiter, a positive and advantageous aspect. Then one day later, Mercury sends a beam of love to happy Jupiter too. Double score.

As you know, new moons create a vibrant opportunity to tune deep within and hear your intuitive guidance loud and clear. Further, new moons also provide ample opportunity to seed new beginnings too. Since they occur when the sun and the moon form an exact alignment (known in astrology as a conjunction) they initiate new cycles. So tuning into them, and aligning with the opportunities they incite, can help evolve your consciousness and the physical manifestation of your power.

This particular new moon brings with it some unique aspects. Let’s break them down. Shall we?!

For starters, the new moon kicks off with the sun and moon aligned with transformational Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury (now retrograde) —forming what’s known as a stellium (three or more planets in the same sign)—in the most business-oriented sign of the zodiac. Woah, this strong emphasis in Capricorn brings a massive influence on responsibility, accountability and ambition. Meaning, we can expect our determination to feel full bore this new moon.

Further, Saturn (the ruler of all the Capricorn activity) snugs up to beauty-loving Venus while making a cheerful trine to revolutionary Uranus. Simultaneously, Jupiter helps by lending a lucky helping hand too. This new moon offers breakthrough! Big time. With a heavy focus on the elements earth, fire, and water, the Capricorn new moon provides solid ground to initiate sturdy and steady new beginnings.

But hold up. Mercury in retrograde motion brings a caveat. Whether we want to hear this or not, Mercury in retrograde asks us to slow our roll, take a pause for the cause and check in. When we override this cycle of recalibration with relentless striving, we may encounter the dreaded Mercury retrograde hiccups. But let me say, these hiccups are not inevitable or necessary. Further, when they do happen they only indicate places where we can focus to make improvements. Nothing more. Think of them as divine cycles of metamorphosis, offering us stellar opportunities to check in and see what, if anything, needs adjusting. That said, seen from the right perspective Mercury in retrograde provides a potent elixir, meant to lubricate the wheels of change in our lives.

However, there’s a challenge here (and it’s not Mercury in retrograde). With the celestial seesaw leaning heavy in the sign of Capricorn this new moon has zero planets in air signs (yes, there are asteroids in air signs, but I find them to be less impactful, personally). Though the moon will cycle through Aquarius starting on 10th, until the sun moves into Aquarius on the 20th, we may feel heavy. Laden. Congested. Complicating our ability to take action on our new-year mojo (if we let it)! Because the planets won’t be hanging out in air signs for most of the month, we need to bring our focus to air on our own. Air makes things flow… when the sky ceases to provide an element, it’s up to us to conjure it for ourselves. I promise, doing so will help ease the tension of Mercury retrograde and help implement the change you desire this time of year.

We have the power to create our own momentum, and get things going—especially this month! But we need to keep the air circulating in our lives and our lungs. Or else, we may feel stuck.

To that end, please schedule your exercise appropriately. Make a commitment to getting to your yoga class, take that run, go for a walk, do your transformational breath work. Do whatever you can to move the energy through your body.

Even though it may feel frigid out, do yourself a favor and open a window too. By physically letting some air into your home, office or car, you symbolically open up the winds of change in your life.

If letting the air in and taking deep breaths doesn’t unleash momentum and mojo, talk it out. Get on the phone with a friend, schedule a session with a therapist or coach, bust open your journal and get your thoughts out of your head. By communicating about where you feel heavy or stuck, you’ll lubricate motion in your life.

So to summarize, this new moon offers a potent opportunity to set new intentions and forge ahead with your 2016 goals. With Mercury retrograde, you’ll want to pace yourself so you can hear the intuitive wisdom coming through. Since Mercury will retrograde primarily in Capricorn, you’ll also want to pay close attention to the material side of life. Pay attention professionally and tend to your career ambitions with patience, perseverance and commitment. However, please don’t fear Mercury in retrograde. It’s a powerful time to receive intuitive life guidance. If you feel stuck in any way look to bring more air into your life.


I am beyond thrilled to for 2016! So many beautiful things await us. I wish you all the best.



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