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The New Moon in Libra: Don’t Let Your Relationships Define You

Intense. Riveting. Deep. A few words to describe the last couple of weeks. Given we just had a new and full supermoon eclipse, many of us experienced unexpected situations that commanded our attention, elevated our understanding of ourselves, and forced us to grow. Eclipses bring up what lies beneath the surface so we can face it, head on.

I operate from the mindset that our triumphs and our setbacks aid the development of our sensibility and our compassion as human beings. Seen from this lens, I have tremendous respect for the topsy-turvy times. I view everything that happens to me as an opportunity to become an even more informed and empathetic woman.

Our growth fuels the health and vitality of the planet.

While we just survived an astrological cacophony that may have felt demanding, I’d love to point out the tremendous upside and the benefits.

Mercury retrograde helped us find the glitch in our thinking, our systems or our communication. Hopefully by now we have reevaluated, seen our life and the systems that support our life, from a fresh perspective and are ready to move forward. Saturn’s move from Scorpio into Sagittarius allowed us to expand our emotional resilience. Venus retrograde helped us connect with our deepest values and find soul-driven-truth. Further, it cleared up any issues we may have had with our nearest and dearest, especially in the love department. The eclipses redirected our lives, helping us break free from that which necessarily holds us back.

With Mercury direct and the other astrological incidents I mentioned behind us, we are finally ready to step into another new beginning.

This happens right at the time of the October 12th new moon in Libra. This new moon signifies a time of beginnings, and comes at a moment where we should feel ready to forge ahead with a deeper, further integrated sense of internal knowing. Still, as we step into our new beginning, we potentially face more productive friction.

Libra, the sign of the scales, seeks balance. With the sun and the moon in the same degree of Libra, the influence of relationship reigns. The sign of the peacemaker and balance brings with it a delicate power asking us to take a diplomatic approach in our life, especially in relationships.

Yet, as the sun and moon join at the same degree of Libra, they oppose Uranus—the great change-maker. While this new moon signals a time of re-calibration, Uranus in opposition to this alignment, challenges us to go one level deeper.

Let’s look change in the face, even if it feels radical.

Libra loves beauty, harmony, and fairness— especially in relationships. Uranus loves revolution. With the sun and moon in Libra opposed by Uranus in Aries, we may feel the urge to risk the homeostasis of our relationships, to stand in the fire of our truth. Uranus opposing this otherwise remarkably peaceful new moon, wants us to look at where we let our relationships define us, and even more so, where we experience a loss of power when we allow other people’s reflection of us inform our sense of self-worth.

While new beginnings call us forward, it’s important to look at where co-dependency and people pleasing pull us backward.

Since Libra hates conflict, even the risk of conflict, this is a gigantic task. And yet, why resist? Why stuff our truth? Why let other people’s reflection of how they see us define how we see ourselves? Why stay small?

Now, let’s be clear, this is not an invitation to step into drama, or create unnecessary conflict. Rather, this is an invitation to listen deeply to the voice of your soul, your deepest truth and honor it—even if it means breaking a long time pattern of people pleasing in our lives.

Here are four things you can do this new moon to make the most of this planetary configuration.

1. Take a look backward. Review what had happened in your life since late July when Venus went retrograde. Look at where you’ve been, what you’ve encountered and accomplished. Take the time to understand the pattern that’s played out for you. Allow yourself to digest what happened over the last two and a half months.

2. After looking backward, get present in the now. Allow yourself to dive deep into the current wants, longing and desires of your heart. Ask yourself this: Who do I need to become to bring these dreams to fruition? Make a list. Get it out of your head, onto to paper. Solidify your thoughts, desires and visions.

3. Put you first. Take a moment to ask yourself this: If I am going to prioritize my growth and development what do I need to do for me, first? Organize your action steps around staying faithful to your desires, even if it means shaking up the homeostasis of a relationship (or anything else) that holds you back.

4. Do something edgy. This can be as simple as the next time you get a pedicure opting for the crazy neon color you often think about but tell yourself you could never try. Or maybe it’s as dramatic as speaking your truth in a way that you know will transform how others view you. You decide. But the invitation is to become comfortable with being uncomfortable as you honor your deepest most profound truth.

This new moon signifies a time to break the habit of letting other people’s reflection of us define how we understand who we are. Tell your truth, let it be vulnerable, dangerous, taboo even. Take a stand for your liberation. Don’t navigate your life by the opinions of others. Have the courage to step out. Be bold and brave! Be you.

I’d love to hear from you. What happened in your life since the Venus went retrograde at the end of July? How did the eclipses affect you? What pattern are you shaking up this new moon?

Leave a comment below.

As always, I send you my deep and profound love.



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  • Falan

    Hi Jenn! Thanks so much for writing these with each moon. I always enjoy them! Much warmth, Falan

    • jenn

      Your welcome! I am glad you enjoy them. Thank you…

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