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The New Moon in Scorpio: Make Friends with the Dark, Stay Devoted to the Light

Are you ready to tap into your manifestation powers? Find your “make it happen” energy? Forge a new trail?

On November 11th (yes, 11/11), we have a stellar Scorpio new moon! This new moon, one of the most active of 2015, brings with it sturdy support.

When the sun and the moon merge as they do at the time of the new moon, an old cycle ends and a new one begins. New moons are times to slow down, tune in, and become clear on what we are creating. They initiate a new cycle.

During the two weeks that follow the new moon, between the new moon and the full moon, a “get it” attitude proves fruitful and supportive. The waxing phase of the lunar cycle provides increasing support to build, initiate, and create results. A full moon represents a peak state, a time to celebrate and connect to our highest wisdom.

During the period referred to as the moon’s waning cycle (the time between a full moon and new moon), our intentions are supported by letting go of what blocks the fruition of goals. Waning moon phases (when the moon is losing light) provide an opportunity to release anything that stands in our way of attaining our desired outcomes.

While new moons happen on a monthly basis—and each one signifies an opportunity to make changes, honor your truth, and initiate new beginnings—some new moons feel more supportive than others. The new moon that is happening at 12:47 pm EST on Wednesday, November 11th offers tremendous possibility. Let’s talk about why!

The period between the full moon in Taurus on October 27th and this new moon on November 11th provided us with a tremendous opportunity to recalibrate and see things with fresh understanding. If your life looks anything like mine (I am going to assume it does because, at our core, we are all connected), you had a major ‘aha’ moment—a turning point in your consciousness where you saw things from a new perspective. Don’t underestimate the influence of this event or breakthrough.

Take time to integrate it.

As a matter of fact, before you move forward reading this blog, consider what happened over the last two weeks that encouraged a significant psychological growth spurt for you? If growth spurt feels too ambitious, consider even what has felt like a subtle change. Own it and allow it to inform where you are heading next in your life!

Onward and Upward

As we enter this new moon, we do so with celestial assistance. This new moon happens with a pretty tight sextile to good-luck Jupiter. Planets that sextile are like good friends at a party. Even though they’re not side by side, they support one another with aligned camaraderie and feel energized by each other’s existence. This new moon, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, plays the role of “wing woman.”

Additionally, Pluto, the planet of transformation, also in a sextile with the Moon and Sun, serves as another ally on the scene. Amazing! And if that weren’t enough, Mercury, the planet of communication, reinforces this positive new moon as he’s snuggled up to the sun and moon in Scorpio too. Further, this new moon forms what we astrologers call a Yod, which is a fancy way of saying ‘purpose.’ Uranus, the planet of revolution, is at the point of the yod suggesting innovation.

Hello, breakthrough!

Even with star-studded potential, challenges exist here too, especially with the Scorpio sun inviting us into the dark. Still though, I really feel called to urge you to keep it light. With the days becoming shorter and shorter (in the northern hemisphere), I know it’s seductive to want to mope, feel thick, and let the darkness weigh on us.

Instead of giving into early signs of the winter blues, I encourage you to use the darkness to your advantage, and rather than feel imposed upon by it, let it catalyze you!

Need extra motivation? Just think: this new moon sets the stage for the positive momentum we want to welcome into our lives when the clock strikes midnight on 12/31/15. Every action we take between now and then contributes to how we start the new year off!

We don’t have time for non-essential, negative rabbit holes. Focus on what is right, not wrong. Put your attention on what’s going well and elevate yourself!

But, how?

Here are three suggestions for rocking out on this new moon:

Make friends with the darkness, but stay fiercely devoted to the light.

I know, as we approach the winter solstice there’s a tendency to feel undone. Sweatpants become seductive, hibernation calls our name, and we want to nest. If so, follow this call inward. You are meant to slow down this time of year and self-nurture.

However, if for you this equates to eating pints of ice-cream, letting precious connections with friends slip through your fingers, and making excuses when it comes to exercise (amongst other sabotaging behaviors), stop yourself in your tracks! Sure, you want to slow down, but don’t give up.

Instead, rally around self-care. This is a time to build resiliency. Resilience means relying on your strengths and paying close attention to the positive even as you acknowledge the hardship too. Let the darkness take you deeper within, and along the way, stay devoted to the light!

Get clear on your intentions and perform a new moon ritual.

What does this mean? Simply this: over the next few days, while the moon moves from new into it’s waxing crescent and then the first quarter (basically the next week), carve out time and space in your life to sit in the dark and listen to what you are being led or called to create. Get still and hear the voice of your soul and your guidance. From a place of stillness, develop a vision you feel compelled to move towards in the next few months. Set healthy intentions around what you want to create in your life. Write down your vision, read it out loud. Light a candle. Burn a devotional incense. Create affirmations that represent who you are becoming. Solicit angelic and celestial support.

Remember, vision without action is hallucination.

Don’t hallucinate, create! For the next two weeks, we have prime conditions to Make. Shit. Happen! Allow your vision to motivate you. Remember, your 2016 reality starts now. Every choice you make between now and the close of the year sets the tone of 2016. Stay diligent and committed to the practices you know will elevate you. (I gleaned this wisdom from the wise Thomas Edison, who famously said, “Ideas without execution are hallucinations.” Also, Lena Requist,a badass woman leader, recently talked about this at a biz conference too.)

I’m personally thrilled about this new moon. I know I am certainly going to take my advice. I invite you to join me.

As always, I send you my love.



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