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The Super Harvest Full Moon in Pisces


Tonight’s super harvest full moon in Pisces amplifies our healing capacities. While a moon in Pisces naturally invites our emotions to come forth, tonight we’ll get a whopping whammy of this super spiritual and emotional Piscean energy, amplifying our intuition and spiritual connection. The full moon is particularly close to the earth (hence the supermoon status), and it is happening a couple weeks before the equinox (that is what makes it a harvest moon). If that were not enough, it is also occurring a degree away from Chiron.

Chiron teaches us where we are meant to heal through our anguish in order to help facilitate the healing of others. Known as the “wounded healer,” Chiron represents our deepest pain. With this extremely potent, emotional full moon, we are being asked to take a look at issues associated with our feelings of lack (or any deeper wounds we face) and feel into them so we can rise above them, and support others to do the same.

Here are six ways to use the mighty healing powers of this super harvest full moon:

  1. Connect with water. Pisces is a water sign that rules the oceans, making tonight a perfect time for an Epsom salt, candle lit bath and relaxation. Doing so will help you connect to that still, quiet voice within and listen to hear what she has to say. I guarantee she’ll be busting forth with the exact guidance you need right now. For those of you lucky enough to live by water spend some time outside beside it tonight. If you are up for it, jump in! A nighttime, moonlit swim will fill your soul completely. (However, only go swimming if you have a buddy and feel extremely confident as a swimmer. Otherwise, just being by water will amplify the positive effects of tonight’s lunar energy!)
  1. Allow yourself to cry. Tune into your emotions and feel into your wounds. Tonight is a strong time to release pent-up emotional energy. Remember feelings are not right or wrong, good or bad, just sensations on a constant continuum of change. Learning to witness and experience suffering is as essential as feeling joy; they are both variants on an ever-cascading scale of emotional change. The more we surrender to what is real, the faster we reach internal states of equanimity. Give yourself permission to feel what’s beneath the surface for you and give yourself permission to cry if you need to. Allow the salty tears to cleanse your emotional body.
  1. Let go of what’s no longer serving you. Full moons initiate the waning phase of the moon. Waning moons are particularly potent for releasing feelings, emotions, behaviors, relationships and other things that no longer serve our evolution or growth. Tonight, spend a few minutes journaling and ask yourself—what do I need to let go of in order to step even more deeply into my authentic truth? If you want to take it one step further, make a small fire and burn a small piece of paper with what you want to release on it. If you do not have a fireplace or a fire pit in your backyard here’s a brief description of how you can make a small fire in your kitchen. Find a small stovetop pot and line it with tin foil. Next, take a cup of Epsom salt and put it in. Then, add a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the pot. Now, take the piece of paper with what you are symbolically releasing written on it, light it with a match and drop it into the pot to ignite the fire. Stay by the stove until it burns out completely. If you do decide to do this, please do not leave the fire unattended. If it gets too big, you can add more Epsom salts to put it out. Otherwise, let it burn out naturally.
  1. Meditate. The soft Pisces energy of this full moon highlights our intuition and spiritual connection making tonight a brilliant time to calm the mind, and begin to witness and observe the thoughts running through your head. If relaxing into a bath or swimming isn’t your thing, consider sitting on a meditation pillow instead. By doing so, you’ll amplify your intuition allowing it to come through loud and clear tonight. If the potent power of the moon makes it hard for you to sit still consider doing some slow flow, restorative or yin yoga instead. Moving mindfully tonight will active the channels of intuition as well.
  1. Take a walk outside and connect to the moonlight. Moonlight is just as vital to women’s health as sunlight. It helps regulate the pituitary gland, assisting with the regulation of female hormones. Since this moon will come closer to the earth than normal, tonight’s full moon makes it the perfect time to take a nighttime stroll outside. As you connect with the moon’s light set the intention to enter into a deeper state of receptivity in your life. Open up the pathways to receive.
  1. Stake your claim regarding what you are creating in your life! More than anything else, tonight’s potent energy is the ideal time to tune into your soul’s plan and stake your claim regarding what you are creating in your life. Name it and declare it. Speak it out loud. Write it down. Claim it for yourself.

As we kick off this week with this beautiful full moon energy make this week about stepping for fully into consciousness. Set the intention to focus on what needs to be done and your “why” for doing it. Spend some time figuring out what needs to be released so you can connect more deeply to your soul’s purpose.

As you do so consider this, what is most important to you—where do you want to be—and what do you need to do to step more fully into this? Listen intently for what emerges. The voice of your soul is calling to you! Be sure to hear.

As always, I send you my love.

Big hugs,




*image courtesy of coniferconifer

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