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Total Solar Eclipse in Leo: Define Your Path of Totality

As we prepare for the much-anticipated total solar eclipse in Leo, deemed the Great American Eclipse (it’s visible across the lower 48 states of the USA), it’s time to make a declaration.

You see, on August 21st, the moon will move entirely in front of the Sun, blocking its light from reaching the Earth and casting a shadow upon us. This phenomenon causes a shift in the Earth’s atmospheric temperature, exposing the lower corona of the Sun. Scientists from around the world are gathering to study this phenomenon. Surely we can expect to learn new facts about space weather, solar flares, how animals react to the sudden darkness, as well as so much more.

At the time of the eclipse, in the path of totality, other stars and planets will become visible amidst the magic of this moon dance. This reveals nuances and planetary innuendos to experts who’ve devoted their entire lives to astronomy.

We may even sit on the precipice of a new frontier of understanding reality as we know it.

Sounds like an exaggeration, right? It’s not.

You see, total eclipses emphasize points of growth, and present incredible opportunities to study the nature of the universe.

Back on May 29, 1919, during a total solar eclipse in Gemini, Sir Arthur Eddington performed the first experiment that proved Einstein’s theory of relativity. Before this eclipse, Newton’s theory reigned king and the four-dimensional continuum known as “space-time”—a term coined by Einstein that proves that space and time are interwoven into one continuum, and gravity can bend light—was an unproven, outlandish, concept.

Einstein’s theory that gravity is not an independent force, but rather a byproduct of curved space-time near mass objects was proven correct at the time of a solar eclipse. This provided one of the biggest paradigm shifts in science as we know it; we gained an understanding that space and time are connected, not separate, and gravity influences how we experience both.

I tell this story to emphasize the paradigm shifting capacity of eclipses.

Whether you witness the total solar eclipse in Leo in its path of totality or not, it’s essential for you to understand your internal path of totality.

Meaning, where are you all in? Where are you 100% going for it—no matter what—as it applies to your personal development, goals, and desires for yourself or the world? What are you declaring in your life?

From the perspective of astrology (which is very different from astronomy) eclipses, represent times of change and transformation. Lunar eclipses, like the one we had on August 7th, reveal our blind spots, while solar eclipses, like the one on the 21st, initiate new cycles of growth. Regardless of whether an eclipse falls on a new moon or a full moon, all eclipses usher change, and they typically embody profound unpredictability.

Given that we’re also in the midst of Mercury in retrograde, there’s certainly a dark digestion of truth occurring here in the USA with the resurgence of a public white supremacy movement afoot. Since this eclipse falls right on President Trump’s ascendant, we can expect even more political upheaval, change, and lack of predictability coming from the White House.

Secrets revealed. Shadows presented.  

While this is a wild time politically (to say the least), it’s also a potent time. It offers a moment where we get to choose who we become, what we move towards, the ideology we embrace, and how we show up for the world (and ourselves).

When the Sun and moon align at the time of the solar eclipse, it impacts our experience of time and space. Technically, we are all a wee bit lighter at a new moon than we are the time of the of a full moon because of the impact of gravity. It’s the start of the whole new lunar cycle, and a perfect time to get even more hip to the moon and all of her glory.

Eclipse viewing isn’t a spectator sport.

This is a potent opportunity to declare intentions for our spiritual development, health goals, professional ambitions and deep desires for the world around us. This solar eclipse presents a potent time to pray for the world, those you love, and your own future.

Because of this, I am launching my Moon Cycle Manifestation + Embodiment Challenge. This is a FREE 28-day challenge where I personally guide you through working with all 8 phases of the Moon, and support you to embrace a journey of self-care timed to the moon.

After all, the moment of the eclipse will only last a few minutes, but the impact could last a lifetime—so you want to follow it up with diligent focus.

Co-create with the Universe.

Let’s embrace the paradigm-shifting capacity of this eclipse and collectively up our game when it comes to our health, well-being, resilience, mindfulness, manifestations, personal creativity and more, together.

Let’s utilize this moment as more than extremely rare and electrifying eye candy. Instead, let’s approach it like scientists and see what we can prove true as we employ the power of intention and leverage the rhythmicity of the moon to co-create with the Universe.

You see, when we align our inner cosmos of desire with the cosmos of the universe, we become particularly aligned with the force of creation.

Join me. What do you have to lose? It’s free!

Before you behold the wonder of this upcoming total solar eclipse in Leo, I recommend taking some time to learn more about the science of eclipses—check out this video. Also be sure you confirm the time of the eclipse in your region.

I am so looking forward to this. You do not want to miss it.

Now over to you. What are you declaring this solar eclipse? Let me know in the comments below.


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  • Kathleen Grant

    I find your emails extremely helpful and enjoyable. I am entering into another part of my journey and you help me to understand and to embrace the change. I will retire soon and it will definitely be different, but now I look forward to it.

  • Alisa Renee

    I took a nap (which is rare for me) on the 21s,t and felt I was deeply asleep yet aware, and also in a state of euphoria, almost like an out of body experience. My friend said the exact same thing! As I write this I am overcome by emotion and tears are streaming.

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