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On September 22nd the Sun moved from Virgo into Libra, meaning a new season has officially commenced. Simultaneously, the day and night are equal in length—a nod from our environment suggesting a moment of balance. In the Northern Hemisphere, the autumnal equinox reinforces the back-to-school mentality. As we turn our attention away from socializing and […]

On September 22nd the Sun moved from Virgo into Libra, meaning a new season has officially commenced. Simultaneously, the day and night are equal in length—a nod from our environment suggesting a moment of balance.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the autumnal equinox reinforces the back-to-school mentality. As we turn our attention away from socializing and recreation, we place it on meaningful growth.

As we approach the final quarter of 2020, with the Sun now officially in the cardinal sign of Libra, we find ourselves at a crossroads.

With the eclipses behind us and the denouement of 2017 approaching, we head into a season of what my dear friend and colleague Kate Northrup calls culmination: a time when we see the fruition of our intentions, and focus our actions on harvesting our abundance. (If you want to learn more about Kate Northrup’s take on how to leverage the seasons and your hormonal rhythms for business success, check out her upcoming video series here!)

Fall is the season that prepares us for the barren nature of winter. The fall brings a descent into darkness, and underscores the need to take good care of our inner world. It’s a time to return to ourselves, to listen to our truth, and hear the essence of what our guidance is leading us towards.

Sounds great, right? It’s no surprise that I know so many love the fall: fresh air, apple cider, sweaters, and boots! Fall begins when the Sun moves into Libra, after all. And who doesn’t love Libra? It’s the sign that stands for justice and social graces, and it strives to create harmony and balance in the world.

But, as I grew up I loathed this season. For someone who suffered from extreme hormonal imbalances and undiagnosed digestive issues, fall meant the onset of grueling seasonal depression. When sunlight started to diminish, so did my serotonin levels, and I began what felt like a freefall into an abyss of treachery. After years and years of self-study (and therapy), as well as religiously attuning myself to the influence of the Moon, the Sun and the stars, I can now honestly say that I rock the fall without any problems, and I love the winter!

(I say this as I have two weeks planned in Hawaii in November! It’s my way of making sure I load up on vitamin D before the winter officially kicks in on December 21.)

During the summer I can get away with indulging in frivolous foods like gourmet potato chips and gluten-free beer, but in the winter my digestive needs shift dramatically. I need way more alkalizing foods and I have to support my gut with much different self-care practices. Summer involves plenty of hiking and paddleboarding. and I’ve even recently picked up archery! Come fall though, I have to actively work on sweating and boosting endorphins. Long meandering walks in the woods with the dogs no longer cut it! So, I say goodbye to the lazy days of summer and embrace a much more disciplined and structured self-care routine, like my happiness depends on it—because it does.

What do you need to do to support yourself during this time of year?

I encourage you to craft your plan for the seasonal transition. Think it through—what do you need to change or adjust to give yourself adequate support as we enter into fall?

Aside from the dwindling sunlight and preparations for the seasonal transition, from an astrological perspective, we have a couple of other things to consider, too. With eclipse season behind us and the correlating cosmic shakeup afoot, you have probably noticed there’s a lot of global eruptions happening. Just turn on the weather channel to see what I am talking about. We live in tumultuous times.

Many people have reached out to me over the last couple of weeks to ask, “what’s happening?” As I’ve watched hurricane after hurricane, earthquake after earthquake, and fire after fire demolish lives, I’ve pondered the cause. While it would be easy to blame eclipses, the truth is, it’s so much more.

You see, as 2020 winds down, we close out more than just another year—we wrap up huge cycles, too.

Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, leaves Capricorn.

Jupiter Capricorn, too.

Things are shifting—big time!

As a student of astrology, I have learned that when major transits happen at late degrees of any sign, shit goes down.

Uranus, an unruly planet, has been traveling through Aries since March 11, 2010 and happens to be retrograding at 27 degrees of Aries. As he does, he opposes Jupiter, who’s quickly leaving Libra (the sign opposite of Aries). So, we find ourselves in an applying opposition between Uranus and Jupiter. As we head into the next week, these two planets have their third and final opposition, on September 28th.

The previous two transits happened on December 26, 2017, and March 2, 2017, at 20 degrees and 22 degrees respectively. This third and final opposition happening at 27 degrees (there are only 30 degrees in each sign) feels especially important to pay attention to—especially in the context of mama earth erupting.

Looking back to look forward

Back in 2010 when Uranus moved from Pisces into Aries, I was working in a hedge fund. I advised the Managing Partner this transit would potentially bring quite a bit of volatility. And unfortunately, on the exact day Uranus moved from Pisces in Aries, Japan experienced a massive 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunamis. Woah.

Seven years later, as we approach the end of the Uranus in Aries cycle, we see more earthquakes and demolition due to weather. Even Japan recently had another earthquake.

And when I look at what’s happening in the cosmos right now to explain why so much tumult all at once, I can’t help but look to Uranus.

Here’s the deal: right now, Uranus is clearing the last degrees of Aries. The thing is though, he’ll be clearing Aries for a long time! He won’t reach Taurus until May of 2018, and then shortly afterward he retrogrades back to Aries, only to move back to Taurus one more time. It’s my hunch that we need to be ready for anything while this shake-up continues.

Embracing Balance in Times of Chaos

So, as we make our way into this new season and honor the Earth’s rhythms, let’s also say some prayers for our Earth. She’s been through a lot. Let’s not forget her. While self-care is so important, vital really, Earth-care is needed, too. Consider doing something kind for the people suffering traumatic and tremendous loss. Between Harvey, Irma, and Maria, as well as the tragedy that recently unfolded in Mexico city, there’s no shortage of causes to support. I’ve donated to few organizations over the last couple of weeks and just recently gave to a compelling Go Fund Me campaign, too. If you are looking for grassroots causes to donate to, check out this one!

In the meantime, please take excellent care of you! The world needs you good and strong. I always love to hear from you. What are you up to? How are you honoring the seasonal shift? What are the rituals and self-care practices that best serve you this time of year? Leave me a comment below.

All of my love!


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