- Jennifer Racioppi

Lady, You’re Ready. To know your purpose. To tune into your desire. To find your voice. To have a strong sense of agency in your life. To finally have the energy to embark on your life’s adventures. And to have the confidence and resilience to go after what you want. You want to live in […]

wy3_0478Lady, You’re Ready.

To know your purpose.

To tune into your desire.

To find your voice.

To have a strong sense of agency in your life.

To finally have the energy to embark on your life’s adventures.

And to have the confidence and resilience to go after what you want.

You want to live in sync with the cycles of the moon, the cosmos, and magic.

You’re so done with self-doubt and the little worries that derail your faith and focus, causing you to question …

Will you ever feel fulfilled?

Because deep down you know fulfillment is your destiny.
You feel it in your bones, in your heart, and in your soul.

You’re more ready than ever to emerge as the powerful creator of your life. Brilliantly and resiliently.

To be the kind of woman other women stand in awe of:

A happy, successful, in-love-with-life, bad-ass babe who showers all of her people with inspiration and adoration, and makes shit happen for herself too. (Occasional hot mess included.)

There might even be a part of you thinking right now …

Who me? Could I really be that woman?

Abso-freaking-lutely, yes.


You are so freaking special. Because you want to live a life of contribution, generosity, and impact. And more than ever, this world needs YOU—your heart and your value to shine brighter.

What if I told you that there was a simple way to get you
from point A to point B?

A roadmap.
A support system.
A written-in-the-stars guide to get you from worrier to warrior.

Introducing: Lunar Logic Group Coaching

(Only 40 open spots!)

A transformational 12-week group coaching journey that will empower 40 women to reach new heights of success, love, abundance, resilience, and more by using the innate map of your astrology and the cycles of the moon, as well evidence-based behavior change coaching.

Now, this program won’t officially start until January 27th, but because you did the Moon School Challenge, I am giving you a secret early bird rate, with juicy bonuses.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your relationship with yourself and step into the fullest expression of your feminine power, this was designed for you. Together, we’ll develop your resilience, a long-term relationship with the moon, and transform your dreams into action.

Let me show you how to sync up with your soul’s mission and the cosmos to amplify your power + focus … and make everything simpler.

As a women’s success coach + astrologer, I’m here to place the tools of power back in your hands — where they belong. Because I believe that when women have more energy, money, power + access, the whole world reaps the benefits. I’ve charted the success of hundreds of women so that they have the astrological roadmap necessary to ride the ups and downs of life without giving up on their dreams. While my insights are usually reserved for private one-on-one clients, Lunar Logic Group Coaching is the FIRST time I’m opening up my coaching in a group setting. This is BIG, and you won’t want to miss out!

Is Lunar Logic Moon Group Coaching For You?

Great question.

It’s for you if…

Astrology and the moon fascinate you and you’d love to learn more about the role they play in your life

You believe in your power to manifest your desires, but feel that something keeps getting in the way

You’ve made progress in some areas of your life, but haven’t been able to crack the code for others

You’re craving the support of an expert and the insights of other women who are having a similar experience to yours

You’re ready to do the work and build a new structure around how you take action

Being a conscious, happy, healthy, and kind human is important to you

You really, really want to make a difference in the world

You have a phone, a computer, and an internet connection— and the willingness to communicate openly + consistently (I’ll be checking in for a status report on your goals + projects, at least once a week)

You’ll want to become your own expert, your own coach, and your own secret weapon

Warning: This is serious soul work. Life may become harder before it gets easier. The process of self-realization will test you, but through your tests you will find your strength.

Excuse-makers + truth-evaders need not apply.

How The Program Works

In this 12-week group coaching program, you’ll receive…

    • Private 90-Minute Astrology Session. We’ll take an intimate look at your chart, get clear on your desires and intentions, and align on your specific goals for the next three months. We’ll also look at where the new moons, full moons, and other key astrological transits fall in your chart.
    • 12 Live Video Coaching Sessions (Recorded!). I will host weekly group video coaching sessions via zoom, where we’ll discuss the astrological events that are currently influencing us and how we can leverage these aspects for tailored action towards our dreams. Each call will have a specific teaching, followed by live coaching. This is a place not only for community and support, but also for learning. Each call will be recorded, so even if you can’t attend you will be able to participate on your own time. I will poll the class to find the best times to meet. If I need to have multiple classes per week to accomodate time zones, I will.
    • Private Facebook Group Access. We’ll gather together on Facebook between group calls to celebrate our successes, work through moments of uncertainty, and collectively follow the moon and astrological influences.
    • A Lunar Logic Moon Diary. Through this diary and my weekly guidance, you will learn how to work with each phase of the moon, the sign of the moon, and the position of the moon. I will guide you on how to take strategic action that aligns with both the moon and your personal goals.
  • My absolute best as a coach and astrologer. You’ll have me on your team, by your side, for three months to catalyze you, and hold you, through your process of transformation.

The Benefits

Clarity around your goals and visions for the future, and your very own action plan to make them happen.

My unwavering support as you step into a more aligned expression of who you are. Each month, we’ll unpack your intention, and you’ll have devoted support on bringing your goal to fruition.

Personalized astrological support. Not only when you know when the new/full moons happen, but you’ll know specifically how they impact you, your chart, and your goals.

More bravery as you go for your goals. No, that doesn’t mean things won’t be hard. You’ll simply have a stronger foundation of tapping into your internal power and staying grounded in who you are and what you want. You’ll have greater confidence in making strategic decisions and actions.

Unbreakable resilience, built by utilizing ritual and releasing what’s holding you back.

Access to a transformational process that will catapult your life in the perfect direction, empower you to let go of stubborn blocks, and set yourself up for success

More power + productivity from a completely fresh angle — and find new ways to create, launch + lead … without frying yourself to a crisp.

Feeling Called to Join Me?

Trust that feeling. Trust that urge. Trust that knowing.

That’s a cue from your intuition. That part of you that guides you in making pivotal life decisions.

Following my intuition has always steered me in the perfect direction. Will you trust yours right now?

The Investment

Lunar Logic Moon School is an intimate group coaching experience limited to 40 women. This empowers me to give everyone customized attention and guidance.

The total value of this program is over $5000.

However, I am offering it to you for much less. Because I believe that now more than ever, I need to make myself accessible to heart-centered, change-making women on this planet.

We need to come together and do good in this world. In January, when it’s officially launched, it will cost $1,299.

But for now you can register for

[1 Payment


[3 Payments of

Only until December 5, 2016

What I Stand For

I stand for feminine power, in all its forms — physical, sexual, intellectual + mystical.

I stand for the wisdom of astrology, as a portal to heightened power + productivity.

I stand for Wise Success — where achievement is grounded in service + connection,

not cut-throat competition.

I stand for Peak Performance — a state of optimized efficiency, fueled by love + enthusiasm.

I stand for risk-taking, rule-breaking, dream-making + status-quo-shaking.

I stand for my sisters, for our mothers, and for the Moon.

I stand by my word — and by my work.

YOU WITH ME?wy3_0478

I can’t wait to welcome you!


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