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Full Moon in Aries: Liberate Your Boldest You

I’m at my desk, still deep into the soul-stretching work of writing a book. I’m over two years deep in this process, and it still won’t be on shelves until January 2021. Longer than an elephant pregnancy (a twenty-two-month gestation), the devotion this project requires is changing me at my core.  To that point, over […]

full moon in aries 2019

I’m at my desk, still deep into the soul-stretching work of writing a book. I’m over two years deep in this process, and it still won’t be on shelves until January 2021. Longer than an elephant pregnancy (a twenty-two-month gestation), the devotion this project requires is changing me at my core. 

To that point, over the course of the last few years, I’ve come to realize that writing a book is actually a very subversive act; no matter the content. In the age of now, when everything requires an immediate response, deep critical-thinking and long-form art push back hard on the pulse of modern times. While I’ve devoted myself to bringing my vision to the page, what I’ve really gained is a PhD-level experience in saying “no.” 

So many things I previously gave little thought to have transformed into such obvious “no’s” that the exercise of this commitment has brought a tremendous amount of clarity to my life.

Meanwhile, I’ve watched the summer wane through these office windows. I’ve worked through multiple lunar cycles to liberate this work from my heart and mind, so one day it can experience the exaltation of its release into the world. And I’ve gotta admit, the elevator ride of this creative process has taught me a level of devotion that I previously didn’t understand. 

Consequently, I am learning how to edit my life according. 

My therapist may be worried about me, but I’m not. Creative awakening, much like any other awakening, resembles birth. I’ve never carried or birthed a child, but I know from many women who have that the birthing process is rarely quiet and uneventfully balance. Rather, when a woman splits her body into two, and births another being with a heartbeat of its own, the world changes. 

The Full Moon in Aries: Disruption For The Greater Good

Similarly, the energy of divine pressure and liberation is really what this full moon in Aries is all about. On October 13th (the same day as this bold full moon), transformative Pluto also squares the Sun at 20 degrees of Libra. And, this transit simultaneously squares the moon at 20 degrees in Aries. This cardinal square packs a punch. Since cardinal signs in astrology deal with initiation, it’s safe to say this moon is calling us to boldly move forward. After all, the ruler of this Aries full moon is Mars, a planet that’s not exactly known for its passivity. Just know there’s a disruptive quality to this full moon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t channel it for good.

There are dreamy aspects here, too. Abundant Jupiter is trining this full moon. This gives added encouragement to own our power in the most authentic way possible. Jupiter brings a heavy dose of sweetness to the otherwise harrowing process of transformation. Yes!

Use Your Personal Power to Choose What You Focus On

On top of that, Mercury is also in a trine to boundary-dissolving Neptune on the North Node. This aspect presents us with the possibility of bringing dreams to fruition and stepping into our highest destiny. It may feel challenging to decide where to direct your power and attention, understand that you have a choice. Ground deep into your personal power and ignore the drama and distractions. 

At the same time, this moon also conjoins Eris, the dwarf planet ruling feminine rage and discord. Pluto’s been opposing Eris for a while. Now, with the moon here, too, this sometimes-jarring energy can definitely shake up our rage. We’ve seen womxn truly embody their rage and rise up in every industry from media to publishing to politics. So, with the full moon in go-getter Aries, you may find that you can no longer tolerate injustice in your own life. That said, it’s not all about the fury. It may not look like forceful, come-at-you-swinging rage. Instead, go deep to uncover a fully-rooted, steady power that hums below the surface. It may not be loud and flashy, but true power usually isn’t. 

You may find this transit stirring up intense creative energy. That’s where I’m at right now, and I’m channeling it as best I can to support my creative process. But please know that whatever comes up for you is valid and deserves your attention. Your emotional health is non-negotiable, love. 

Finish What You Started & Be Okay With Being Off-Balance

You may even find that you’re pulled to a project you’ve long forgotten. Or maybe you need to let a few things drop from your schedule to truly center yourself. Listen to your inner wisdom. It’ll guide you to your own liberation. 

Balance is a bill we’ve been sold. Sometimes we can access it, and other times the idea of it is an obstacle. We think if we can focus a little bit of our time and attention in all areas of our life simultaneously, we won’t lose control. In reality, whether we plan for it or not, storms are going to roll through our lives. Things will not be in balance, and that’s okay.

From a holistic health perspective, we care for our mind, body, and spirit to realign with our center. That may mean that outer circumstances (like calendar events) fall to the wayside for a bit. That way, when the storms do come, we know how to access this deep, unwavering power so we can hold the line until it passes. 

Look at it this way… If eternal balance was what the cosmo intended for us, we wouldn’t be tethered to a planet that rotates on its axis while traveling around the sun. Because our proximity to the sun is always in flux, so are we. This time of year, it becomes more pronounced. After all, we’re falling deeper into autumn (or spring in the Southern Hemisphere) and the seasons are transitioning.

We’ve got to let go of what’s holding us back from our evolution — like the trees release their leaves. Let yourself be liberated. Things are going to be out of balance, and that’s really OK.

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Also, I’ll be speaking next weekend at the Well Summit and then on October 28th at Chronicon. Please check out these women-owned events. I love them both dearly.

Last but not least, there’s been so much beautiful music released into the world this year. It’s hard to comment on all of it. That said, if goth rock is your thing (or if you’re not sure), I highly recommend Nick Cave’s latest album Ghosteen. It’s everything to me right now; an awakening, an alignment, a catharsis, and an inspiration.

Now, over to you. What’s brewing in your life this full moon? Please leave me a comment below.

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