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Full Moon in Leo 2020: Become The Ruler of Your Own Life

full moon in leo

If you’ve read my past posts about what the cosmos have brought to the start of the decade, you know that astrologically speaking, things haven’t felt easy breezy. 

As cycles close and new ones begin, transitions can feel abrupt and painful. Luckily though, we all get a bit of levity and a high-octane dose of power with this full moon in Leo

Becoming Sovereign With The Full Moon In Leo

As an archetype, Leo is considered The Sovereign. The word sovereign comes from the Latin root supreme or super, which is the very essence of this full moon.

Leo energy asks us to become the supreme ruler of our own lives and emotions, despite the circumstances swirling around us. No matter what’s going on in life externally, we have the opportunity to reclaim our emotional well-being and become our own authority.

Truth: no partner, manager, or government can claim to be our keeper. Our loyalty belongs to ourselves. This full moon asks us to get clear on that. Even in the depths of the deepest betrayals, it’s up to us to not betray ourselves; not ever, and especially now.

This Leo Moon Brings A Collective Boost

This boisterous full moon perfects at 20 degrees of the sign of the lion at 2:33 am ET on February 9th.⁠ So we’ll feel her, big time, on the night of the 8th.

The full moon trines (astro-speak for creating a harmonious angle) Mars in Sagittarius and Eris in Aries, igniting a grand fire trine. Eris, a lesser-known dwarf planet represents feminine discord. With the moon in Leo positively aspecting Mars and Eris at the same time, we can expect to feel our emotional frequency amplify, providing the support we need to conjure the reality we most desire.

A grand trine in fire rallies optimism, hope, and energy. It gives an all-around boost to the collective mood.⁠ This is a great time to lift your vibe and align with an outcome you want to bring to fruition.

Or to put it another way now’s the perfect time to tune into your courage and desire to take brave/bold action! Channel your inner diva (ie. Lizzo, Beyonce, JLo, T-Swift, Shakira, or Cher whoever else makes you feel all the feels). It’s a full moon in Leo after all, and the sign of the lion invites you to roar.⁠

⁠Meanwhile, Venus conjoins Chiron in Aries, asking all of us to look at where our ego holds back our healing. Our ego is ruled by the sun, Leo’s ruling “planet”.

Dive deep into your heart to pull out gold.

The spirit of play, joy, and your childlike wonder will help you cultivate the resilience to meet these challenges head-on. And maybe, with a little awareness, even with a little flair, too!

Embrace Joy as Your Birthright and Path to Healing

To fully tap into this archetype, we’re asked to consider our heart from all angles. The full moon in Leo nudges us to rediscover pleasure and play as a necessary step to our healing, too. Which, let’s be real, is much-needed at this time.

It asks us to get in touch with what we love and why we love it. Only when we know what drives us can we become sovereign leaders over our own happiness.

If you haven’t experienced much joy, love or play yet in 2020 (I get it, truly), this full moon requires that you dig deep and ask yourself what you can do to shift that. No matter how hard things are, laughter, a sense of humor, and curiosity go a long way. Even if you have to fake it at first– joy begets joy– and conjuring it remains a worthy cause.

To support you with that, I made you a playlist. You can check it out here.

This is a year of radical transformation—for all of us.

That said, it’s important to understand that this moon is a moment in an otherwise dense time. It’s a blip in the rhythms and seasons of our lives.

This means that whether you’re currently in a waxing moon phase of acquisition and abundance, or if you’re in a waning balsamic phase where everything seems to be falling apart, the best thing you can do for yourself is to learn to tap into your natural cycles to build resilience. And respect the cosmic weather afoot.

When we understand how the cosmic weather affects our minds, hearts, and bodies, we can navigate it while we step into our lives authentically. We can live in alignment with our values, no matter what’s going on.

Now that’s true sovereignty.

What’s coming up for you this full moon? Leave me a comment below!

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  • Martha

    Loving all of this, including your playlist! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Mary

    I am a member of Origin and I am learning so much from your cosmic weather report. Yesterday, instead of feeling high creative energy I got under my down comforter and took a two hour nap. I am going to keep tracking .
    Thanks Jennifer!

  • Kathryn

    Last night, without reading this first or your Origin report, I embarked on the first date with myself since I divorced 4 years ago. It was challenging as I kept wanting to talk myself out of it. The charity dinner was well worth my going and I am glad I kept my commitment to me.

    And joy in being able to do that is a blessing.

  • Vicky

    This was amazing and well-needed. Last night I had an emotional breakdown, I was so overwhelmed emotionally and mentally and kept projecting on others throughout the night, most importantly those I love and care the most about. I had the most bizarre dreams that when I looked up their interpretations, it was right aligned with this post. I’m in a period of natural growing pains and as you mentioned above, “transitions can be abrupt and painful.” The changes in my life right now are all good, but indeed there’s a structural change and I’ll get through the transitions. I just read your post, while listening to your amazing playlist and journaling. You’re amazing, Jen and this was the perfect wake up to a Sunday morning! Thank you!

  • Anne

    Thank you Jennifer! This is a such an amazing blog with great insight. I truly appreciate your work. I am in the midst of true transformation and appreciate your astrological wisdom. Much love to you!

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