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Full Moon In Libra: Find Balance In The Chaos

With the full moon in Libra approaching, and the equinox behind us, we’ve made the happy transition into spring in the Northern Hemisphere (and fall in the Southern); two halves of the world shifting and harmonizing at the same time. Pretty miraculous, and very Libra, isn’t it? Naturally, significant seasonal changes like this impact everything […]

With the full moon in Libra approaching, and the equinox behind us, we’ve made the happy transition into spring in the Northern Hemisphere (and fall in the Southern); two halves of the world shifting and harmonizing at the same time. Pretty miraculous, and very Libra, isn’t it?

Naturally, significant seasonal changes like this impact everything from your body, to your routines, to your energy. So, it’s very likely you’ve noticed your own energy and routines shifting, too.

An Explosion Of Anger Gives Birth To New Life

Energetically, this is the time of year that stirs up anger and rage in the body. After all, Mars, who rules Aries, was the God of War in Roman mythology. For a moment, just imagine what he looks like: muscular, untamed, armored, unfuckwithable. It’s no surprise that Aries rules our desire to charge in head-on, possibly even without pause or consideration of consequence. Since going to war in our personal life isn’t usually very productive, you’ll want to release this energy through more mindful means (read on for more on this).

In Chinese medicine, anger is linked to our liver, so now is an ideal time to detox and cleanse the liver of excessive toxins. Doing so prevents these toxins from manifesting in your body emotionally as irritability and anger, and from having the chance to negatively and unconsciously impact your life and relationships. Liver detoxing not only cleanses you of built up toxins, but it also cleanses you of your anger, releases you of your past resentments, and births you anew with space to allow goodness to flow into your life. Heck yes!

A Shift In Energy Leading A Shift In Perspective This Full Moon in Libra

This same angry energy provides the forcefulness required for seeds to sprout and flowers to bloom. If you feel resistance coming up at the mention of anger and rage, consider for a moment how this explosive energy can be beautiful and transformative (as long as you feel it without imposing it on anyone). Whether you notice a change in your quality of sleep, sense of groundedness, or physical healthit’s all a sign that you’re settling into a new season, and ideally, a renewed state.

The theme of “balance-seeking” amplifies with the full moon in Libra, which illuminates the sky on March 31st at 8:36 am ET. Whether you find yourself in the United States or Australia, the full moon occurs at the same time worldwide. Just like the equinox, the cycles of the moon happen in one beautiful instance. To ensure you catch it, just pop into a time zone converter to find your time.

However, while this full moon is in Libra, the sign representing balance and equanimity, your sense of evenness may feel tested now, rather than reinforced.

After all, change is rarely a straightforward path.

As the moon reaches her peak brightness in the sky, it’s time to breathe deeply and practice being the witness to your feelings and emotions, instead of acting on them without pause.

Easier said than done, I know.

Why This Full Moon In Libra Is So Tricky

First, this is the second full moon to occur in March, which many refer to as a blue moon. True blue moons are rare, only occurring once every 2.7 years and making up just 3% of all full moons. They represent a collective of four full moons in one season when there are usually only 3.* However, this full moon is dubbed “blue” because it’s the second full moon in one month. This means our own illumination is amplified, and there will be greater opportunities to bring light to the parts of our lives that are dark and no longer serving us. (*Learn more about blue moons in this important article written by Cayelin Castell here.)

Second, this full moon brings along with it three planets in Aries: the sun, Mercury, and Uranus. Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries brings the energy of force, forward motion, and self-focus. Its ruling planet, Mars, is right next to Saturn, squaring the sun and moon, and forming an agitating astrological configuration known as a cardinal T-square. Basically, this energy brings sh*t up. So, be prepared to let tense emotions flow through you.

Mars is traveling through Capricorn, the ruling sign of Saturn (the planet of lessons) who also currently travels in Capricorn, too. During the full moon, Mars meets up with Saturn. Meaning, we can expect that our Saturn lessons will be activated this full moon. This means that whatever comes up this full moon shouldn’t be taken lightly. Be prepared to observe, study, and understand.

Third, Mercury is retrograde until April 15th. Despite the forge-ahead energy of Aries season, now’s the time to go slow, listen deeply, and solicit your intuition. As you strive to strike a balance in your life, look towards equanimity. Mercury retrograde means that not only is it essential to be mindful about technology and communication but with this Mercury retrograde in Aries, you’ll want to pay particular attention to where you’re pushing your agenda at the expense of your relationships.

In particular, consider this:

How are you expressing your anger?

Are you managing your emotions?

Are you able to remain compassionate in the face of disagreements or disaster?

3 Ways To Manage This Intense Cosmic Energy This Full Moon in Libra

While it might not appear this way, whenever our natural energetic rhythm gets thrown off, it’s an invitation to dive deeper within to re-establish boundaries and skillful self-care. It’s a call to action asking for a deeper connection to wellness practices.

According to yogic philosophy, there are three energies that make up the human experience: sattva (goodness, constructive, harmonious), rajas (passion, active, confused), and tamas (darkness, destructive, chaotic). Clearly, this full moon leans rajasic and tamasic, yet we can take action to bring more of sattvic attributes into our daily lives despite it.

This begins with managing our energy.

Here are 3 ways you can choose more goodness and harmony:

1. Be mindful.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the time to practice self-awareness. Feel your feelings, breathe through the uncomfortable emotions, witness your thoughts. This is where transformation and healing can happen. The best way to bring more mindfulness into your daily experience is through prayer, meditation, and breathwork, so that you can find a sense of groundedness and inner peace. If you’re feeling intensity around an experience involving someone in your life and having a hard time letting go and moving on, try this practice by Gabby Bernstein to cut your emotional cords and create space for new energy to come into your life. If you’ve never tried tapping, now is as good a time as any! Try this EFT practice to release anger from the liver.

2. Eat for energy.

What you choose to eat and drink greatly impacts your mood. Processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and stimulants can be a trigger for fatigue, impatience, anger, and mood swings. So, the best course of action is to keep things clean! Load up on the green leafy veggies, drink lots of water, and prepare your meals so that you are setting yourself up for health, harmony, and happy blood sugar levels. Hangry is a real thing and now is the time to avoid it. Prepare and set yourself up for success. Check out this six-step guide to trying a cleanse and sticking with it on Well+Good. Paying mindful attention to what you eat supports your liver too.

3. Practice Yoga.

Physical movement is one of the best ways to free stagnant energy and emotions from the body. So, I recommend finding a gentle or vigorous yoga class (depending on your preference) to attend within the next three days so that you can be present to your inner world and allow everything that is no longer serving you to come to the surface for clearing. Please note: obviously one yoga class will not solve everything, but it will help! Or try some of these poses at home to get a head start and amplify the effects when you do make it to your local studio.

In chaotic times, it’s essential to keep things simple and make space for the practices that you enjoy. So, pick whichever recommendation feels most doable. Now, I’d love to hear from you. What emotions or circumstances are challenging you right now? What is coming up that you can release? What’s lesson is this full moon helping you to integrate?

P.S. Also, to learn more about the connection between astrology and health, check out my book, Cosmic Health!

P.P.S Want more inspiration on how to express yourself and expression of anger, check out my girl  Jess Grippo’s Instagram account. She’s a beautiful dance teacher, fellow Soul Camp instructor, and crazy awesome artist. For you lucky New Yorkers, she has a dance immersion coming up to support you to step into your power through dance. Learn about that here.

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