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Full Moon In Libra: Honor Your Boundaries to Serve The Collective

full moon in libra

We’re currently in the middle of Aries season, a sign that’s known for its go-it-alone independent streak. I don’t know about you, but I was never planning on going it this alone as spring reemerged, but here we are, quarantined with plenty of solo time. 

At the same time, we also get the full moon in Libra on April 7th. Happening at 19 degrees, this moon is exactly opposite the Sun in Aries. While we navigate the-never-experienced-this-before-social-distancing germane to this particular Aries season, it’s essential that we pay equal respect to what this moon is asking of us as well. 

The Aries archetype focuses on our personal identity, whereas Libra, it’s opposite, shines a light on who we are within our relationships. This full moon brings the “me vs. we” axis into focus. How are we responding to others during this critical time period in our history? Right now, caring for others mostly means keeping our distance and staying home. (But is that all there is to do?)

At this full moon, deep thinker Mercury sextiles Jupiter and Pluto—the levers of ignition for COVID-19. This aspect gives shape to our thoughts around the whole thing. What have we learned about ourselves so far during this time of solitude, and what does that mean for who we are in the collective? This aspect gives us the opportunity to connect our lessons with our purpose, and luckily, we all have the gift of time to really sit with it.

At the same time, Mars makes a tough square to Uranus only hours before the moon peaks. Remember, Mars is the planet of aggression, Uranus the planet of revolution. This aspect could feel intense, especially if you’ve been feeling cooped up and constrained. The urge to push back against authority could be heightened, and love, I totally get it. But again, as always, we have to go back to the lessons of the cosmos. 

Rather than rebellion, even though this full moon in Libra also squares the Pluto and Jupiter conjunction, shift the focus from isolation to community where you can. And while that doesn’t mean violating social distancing norms—it does suggest empathetically connecting with others where appropriate.

And there’s a caveat. It’s important to connect with the people we love and show support during this challenging time, but we also have to honor our own boundaries and their’s too. (After all, the Sun in Aries teaches us to serve ourselves, while this moon in Libra insists that we consider how we use our energy to serve others.) Give from a place of love and intention when you can, and let go of the guilt when you can’t.

Just because we’re supporting our friends and family, that doesn’t mean that we do so without limits. We all have our boundaries, whether they’re consciously created or not. (Hint: yours have probably been crossed when you’re feeling drained and depleted.) Be sure to fill your own cup before you give the rest away.

There are huge lessons we’re all learning right now. Go easy on yourself. Of course, you want to help everyone who’s struggling right now, but honestly, that’s…everyone.

But we do need to pick a cause and devote our attention to it.

One of the most upsetting aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it’s disproportionately impacting black communities. This should be a wake-up call to all of us, as inequality has sadly become a comorbidity during this pandemic. Consider donating to a cause that focuses on fighting racial inequality and its impact on health like The Center for the Study of Racism, Social Justice + Health. On this Libra full moon, a full moon that emphasizes equality, it’s so important to acknowledge the long-standing inequalities people of color have faced.

What’s coming up for you this moon cycle? What have you learned about boundaries and relationships since the Libra new moon on September 28th of 2019? How are you navigating the “me vs. we” polarity that this full moon shines a light on? Share in the comments and let me know!

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