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Full Moon in Pisces: Give Yourself Everything You Wish You Had

The full moon in Pisces, happening at 7:56 am ET on Sunday, August 26th offers a heavy dose of magic. With the sun traveling in fastidious and health-oriented Virgo making a trine to Saturn and Uranus (also in earth signs), this full moon, one of the best of 2018, brings extraordinary groundedness. After a crazy […]

full-moon-in-piscesThe full moon in Pisces, happening at 7:56 am ET on Sunday, August 26th offers a heavy dose of magic. With the sun traveling in fastidious and health-oriented Virgo making a trine to Saturn and Uranus (also in earth signs), this full moon, one of the best of 2018, brings extraordinary groundedness.

After a crazy astrological summer—Mars, Mercury, and four other celestial bodies traveling retrograde, plus three eclipses—finally, respite arrives with this full moon, and not a moment too soon.

Full Moon In Pisces: Practical Magic Anyone?

A grand trine in earth offers spectacular support to make your desires real. Think about it: the sun in Virgo, a sign known for discipline and routines, makes a stellar connection to Saturn traveling in Capricorn, who rules our purpose. At the same time, the sun also trines Uranus in Taurus who simultaneously asks us to disrupt the status quo.

The sun, at the earliest degrees of Virgo, invites us to get organized, disciplined, and structured. What better to support this than Saturn in Capricorn trining Uranus in Taurus too. This combination invites us to lay down a new foundation in our life. To allow the newness to be both innovative (Uranus) and soul-driven (Saturn).

When Water Meets Earth: Fertilize Your Spiritual Soil

To sweeten the pot, at the same time that this grand trine in earth occurs, we experience a mystical and magical full moon in the sacred sign of Pisces. Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac brings extreme compassion. This full moon illuminates spirituality and connection, offering hope. Highlighting connectivity to the divine, as well as the ability to open psychic channels, the three-degrees Pisces full moon drips with spiritual possibility.

Thank goodness, because, from an astrological perspective, we’ve experienced a parade of challenging aspects over the last eight weeks.

If you managed to escape the last two months without having gone through tremendous upheaval and change, praise be. Allow yourself a moment of gratitude. Seriously.

Maybe it’s because of my job title, I’m an astrologer after all, but over the last ten weeks, I observed almost everyone I know amidst massive transformation. Clients and friends going through massive relationship changes (hello Mars retrograde); incredible career shifts (thank you eclipses). Health and vitality issues have surfaced for many, too. And let’s not forget about the loss of loved ones. I witnessed multiple people lose parents during this difficult time. Oy. Not easy stuff.

Mars Retrograde: Rewriting Relationships

In my own life, my husband of almost nine years and I went through our own transformation. We acknowledged how we can show up better for each other, and found lots of places to strengthen our intimacy. The path there didn’t look pretty. So much so I have a whole post coming soon on relationships.

(In the meanwhile, if you find yourself at a crossroad with relationships, you absolutely must check out Nancy Levin’s new book, The New Relationship Blueprint. I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of it this summer. I’ll be sharing more about this in my upcoming post, so stay tuned!)

Another area of my life where I abruptly learned I need to make massive changes is in my medical care. This summer I celebrated 20 years since I entered menopause. This bittersweet anniversary offered me a tremendous understanding of where I’ve been, while simultaneously leaving a lot of open-ended discussions about where I’ll go from here. More questions than answers is often a good thing (with the right mindset, of course); however, this also meant sifting through tremendous amounts of hard-to-manage emotions like doubt, confusion, and grief, too.

Revealing Your Core Wound

Mars retrograde highlighted the triple-threat in my life: body, love, and ambition.

Mars rules our passion and relates to our yang energy. This can show up as our vitality, our will to live, our ability to function, our sex drive, our capacity to weather the storms in our relationships, and most of where we find ourselves most committed in our lives when it comes to career and life purpose. So you can imagine that Mars’ retrograde cycle, something that happens once every two years, brings with it a vital time of reevaluation.

Mars retrograde began on June 26th and ends on August 27th, one day after this full moon.

So not only does this mystical full moon in Pisces boast a grand trine in the earth, it also corresponds with the cessation of the Mars’ retrograde cycle of 2018. Given that Mars’ retrograde occurred during an intense eclipse season (eclipses usher change and close old chapters in life) this season brought with it epic amounts of transformation.

One thing I’ve noticed with most of the people I’ve connected with during this time of upheaval is that the change triggered by this eclipse cycle relates back to a core wound.

Understanding The Cycle

Take my situation for example. Nineteen years ago, in the aftermath of my cancer, I took off on a life-changing journey, moving to California where I reinvented my existence. (Eclipses wrap up 19-year cycles.) That journey came full circle this summer as I found myself enjoying a mastermind journey to Italy teaching lunar studies and personal development in my high-end program. On the heels of that excitement, and at the onset of the eclipses, I gave myself time to review these last 19 years in depth and I made a commitment to myself about where I am going from here as it relates to my health. The next leg of my journey presents me with a whole new set of health-related challenges (I suffer from osteoporosis, and due to not having ovaries for twenty years dealing with the negative side effects of no natural estrogen. As I am sure you understand, it’s hard to live well without ovaries when you were biologically designed to have them.)

Yet, as I embrace what this next leg of my journey entails, I realize at this stage of the game I get to give myself all the things I didn’t have when as a 19-year-old I underwent a radical hysterectomy, without understanding menopause, had little to no money and needed to put myself through college.

You see, even though I am not problem-free, I get to treat myself differently (better) than when I went through what I went through when I was 19. I learned so much on my journey so far, which means I get to do better for myself.

And so do you. You get to do better for yourself, too.

Give yourself what you most need.

On this super auspicious full moon, one of the most blessed of 2018, make a commitment to yourself.

Chances are, over the last few months one of your core wounds—or your “CORE WOUND” (capitals for emphasis)—became triggered. This happens. Life is cyclical and we came here to learn new patterns. Yet, here’s the opportunity. You get a REDO. Yup. A REDO. Meaning no matter where you are in your life, and no matter what the cosmic curriculum of 2018 brought to your life thus far, commit to your redo this full moon.

So for example, if you recently went through a breakup, and this break up triggers feelings of loneliness, not belonging, and childhood trauma, use this moment of your life to do absolutely everything you can for that inner child. Give her everything you wish you received in your childhood.

In the words of Rune Lazuli, “Be the love you never received.”

The Pisces full moon ushers in healing. With Mars stationing direct simultaneously, we finally can see the big picture of what’s unfolded in our lives in the last few weeks and months. With a grand trine in earth, we get to make a commitment to what we need and how we can do better for ourselves—and this commitment comes massive cosmic support.

You see, life won’t ever be perfect. Sure, we’ll have perfect moments, perfect seasons, perfect years, even. But by and large, we live in difficult times under excruciating circumstances, amidst tremendous uncertainty. Whether we like it or not, perfection is impermanent. So we need to learn how to thrive in darkness, too.

Yet, we can do so in informed ways, through skillful means. 

Your full moon in Pisces moon work, if you choose…

So, if you’re ready to make the most of this full moon in Pisces, try these 7 tips:

1. Review the last couple of months.

What has the universe conspired to teach you? Look back to the day that Mars stationed retrograde, June 26th, and notice the themes that unfolded.

2. Get ready to move forward.

In the upcoming weeks, life will resume to optimal speed. How do you want to move forward? Set clear goals for yourself. It’s almost Q4 after all. What do you need to accomplish before the year ends?

3. Consider the opportunity.

If you underwent trauma or suffered hardship this summer, consider the opportunity (after feelings all the feels first of course). How can you rise to give yourself everything you need now? How can you be the love you need? Now’s the time to right the wrongs of your past with impeccable self-care and self-love. It may mean you need to get scrappy, tolerate less, and change your ways, but this psychic, magic driven full moon, asks you to do just that. Commit to what you most need.

4. Get woo + make magic.

Remember we have angels. We are surrounded with divine support. However, we actually have to ask for it. You have free will, so if you need etheric and metaphysical support it’s essential to welcome it. Ask for what you need. Conjure and create accordingly.

5. Be compassionate.

Remember kindness. Give yourself love, forgiveness and be present in any pain with thoughtfulness.

6. Celebrate Mars going direct.

I mean? Party anyone? With the final weeks of summer proper here, take yourself out and have a good time. Celebrate what you’ve been through and integrate your wins.

Now over to you, what’s transpired over the last few months? How has Mars retrograde, Mercury retrograde, and three eclipses impacted you? I’d love to know. Leave me a comment!

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