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Summer Astrology 2018: Slow Down and Welcome Change

Here in the northern hemisphere, summer is just around the corner, and with it some a surge of fresh energy and activity. With longer days and an abundance of sunlight, Mother Nature coaxes us into being more extroverted, making travel plans, finding every opportunity to get our toes in the sand, or grabbing a girlfriend […]

2018 summer astrology forecast

Here in the northern hemisphere, summer is just around the corner, and with it some a surge of fresh energy and activity. With longer days and an abundance of sunlight, Mother Nature coaxes us into being more extroverted, making travel plans, finding every opportunity to get our toes in the sand, or grabbing a girlfriend to sip a few glasses of rosé on a scenic rooftop.

(For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, you’re headed into the opposite season. Winter tends to be a time to look forward to deeper rest and rejuvenation.)

While this heightened hustle and bustle is all well and good, therein also lies the likelihood of overbooking ourselves, giving us little space to just be and lead summer with intention. (I am a Gemini after all, I know this one all too well!) The simple act of “being” is something we all want to be mindful of this June through August because it isn’t going to be an average summer—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Eclipses and Retrogrades and Solstice, oh my!

Astrologically speaking, there are multiple major retrograde cycles and three eclipses on the horizon, in addition to the upcoming summer solstice. And all of this is layered on top of the fact that we’re still digesting the big shift that awakener Uranus just made as he moved from Aries to Taurus just a couple of weeks ago, on May 15th.

Retrogrades ask us to pause in our tracks and eclipses have a tendency to shake things up. So, this summer, it looks like the cosmos want us to embrace a season of change and reflection. Because of this, the next few months are more about slowing down than they are about speeding up, so be mindful of plans (perhaps even more so than you’ve been in the past).

The Cosmic Breakdown: Summer Solstice

The season officially kicks off with the summer solstice on June 21st, when the sun moves into Cancer. Here in the northern hemisphere, this is the longest day of the year with sunlight lasting until almost 9:00 PM. If the weather is nice in your part of the world, get out and enjoy it! (Note: the sun moves into Cancer at the same time across all time zones, and if you live down under, the shift into Cancer initiates winter.)

Shortly after the solstice, on June 26th, Mars stations retrograde, and will remain in this position until August 27th. With Mars being the planet of passion and action, a retrograde cycle weakens his energy and power. This means that this summer is a not a time to go bananas with ambition. So, if you’ve been in the mode of pushing yourself and firing on all cylinders, this is a signal from the Universe to give it a rest and hold off on any major, new ventures.

Eclipses: The Wildcards of Astrology

As we move into July and August, we are also hit with three eclipses. The first eclipse happens on July 12th with the new moon in Cancer at 20 degrees. The second eclipse, happening on July 27th, occurs alongside the full moon in Aquarius at 4 degrees. And the third, a solar eclipse, happens on August 11th with the new moon in Leo at 8 degrees.

Eclipses are the bringers of change and considered the wildcards of astrology. They carry three times the energy of a new or full moon, so as you can imagine, they also hold some serious power. I’ll be covering them each one-by-one through the summer months, but I want to make sure you know they are coming well in advance.

If Mars retrograde and three eclipses weren’t enough wild energy, the cosmos decided to throw in Mercury retrograde from July 26th to August 19th. During parts of August, we’ll actually have 6 planets + Chiron retrograde. That’s a lot of retrograde activity! Oh, and remember the influence of Uranus in Taurus? So, yeah… please make sure your self-care seatbelt is securely fastened, because summer 2018 is going to be a wild ride.

Slow Down to Go With The Flow

As you know, a Mercury retrograde cycle opens the potential to experience time in a different way. I see it as an auspicious time. This is when we are meant to pause and review what we’ve already done in order to move forward with whatever comes next.

Noticing a theme here?

The moon and the planets are teaming up to tell us it’s time to slow down, be intentional with our time, and take care of ourselves. This is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate what’s taken shape for us so far in 2018, and to honor the rhythm of our bodies, lives, and businesses so that we can heal and grow, instead of burning out.

While this might not be exactly what you envisioned for your summer ahead, I’d like you to consider this: the next three months are a beautiful opportunity to be intentional about your time and mindful of the current circumstance of your life.

What needs to change? What no longer feels good? What’s getting in the way of your happiness, success, or health? If you have an unhealthy relationship with anything, now is the time to either let it go or let it transform.

Summer Astrology 2018: Make Space For Play

One thing I’m doing to make space for slowness and transformation is attending and teaching at Soul Camp East this August. This will be my 10th time teaching at this incredible, soulful, transformational retreat for adults, and it’s something I look forward to every single year. Soul Camp is an adult sleepaway camp for the soul that was created by my dear friends, Michelle Garside and Ali Leipzig. It’s a 3-day experience that helps you return to playfulness, vulnerability, and a clarity about what you need to be your best self. In a nutshell, it feels like a big, warm, beautiful hug—the perfect space to be in as you navigate the cosmic roadmap this summer.

I’ll be teaching three classes: Lunar Logic, Resilience, and Cosmic Health. So, if you want to learn more about how to leverage the cosmos and meet me in person (!), I would love for you to join us. Get all of the details here!

And if you want a deeper dive, I’ll be teaching at Soul Camp West, too! If you’ve already got commitments this summer, or the bunk experience isn’t your jam, you can join me in California. I’ll be with the Soul Camp fam at Wonder Valley Ranch from October 23rd to 27th in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. This 4-day experience is nestled away on a beautiful resort with all the perks of Soul Camp East, plus therapy horses, desert mountain beauty, and so much more. Check it out here!

Summer Self-Care Suggestions

Beyond potentially attending Soul Camp, here are few other things to keep in mind:

1. Pay attention to the new and full moons.

As mentioned earlier, the upcoming eclipses are potent lunations, so it’s a great opportunity to leverage their energy with ritual. Check out some guidelines for moon rituals here.

2. Don’t overschedule yourself.

Enjoying summer is an absolute must, however, if you fill your calendar to the brim with events, you’ll head for burnout. I recommend leaning into this opportunity to be selective about what events, activities, and trips you say yes to.

3. Strategize in advance for business.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s important to map out your profit plan for summer. This is not the time to wait and figure it out as you go. Secure clients in advance.

4. More chill, less hustle.

This summer is all about slowing down, tuning in, and taking stock of what needs to change in your life. Give yourself the space to go inward and reflect on what is working and what isn’t working for you.

Now over to you, what are you looking forward to this summer? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Want a Soul Camp teaser and live in NYC? Consider attending my event at Lord + Taylor on June 4th! Check it out here.

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