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Full Moon in Virgo: Purify + Let The Magic In

Anyone living in a cold climate knows the feeling of dread associated with late winter. The harshest weather has yet to fall. The all too dreary viruses, flues, and colds continue to loom. What felt like a fresh start just a few weeks ago becomes the routine of yet another day. The end of winter […]

full moon in virgo

Anyone living in a cold climate knows the feeling of dread associated with late winter. The harshest weather has yet to fall. The all too dreary viruses, flues, and colds continue to loom. What felt like a fresh start just a few weeks ago becomes the routine of yet another day. The end of winter can start to less like an idyllic time to going slow, rest, and nurturing our inner introvert, and more like dogging our way through a marathon. Ugh.

Thankfully though, Pisces, the part of the zodiac that governs time between Feb 18th-March 20th, holds magic— lots of magic! (Some would argue, even, all of it.)

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of mysticism, the sign of the fish invites us to swim through change with an open and compassionate heart. Under the influence of Pisces communing with music, poetry, and art opens up our intuition. The potential for ritual work expands. A sign so closely related to the dissolution of ego and the ability to be one with others supports us to hit the higher frequencies of love.

Pisces season presents an excellent time for spiritual development.

However, this mutable water sign often means tapping into the epicenter of pain to find the radius of possibility, too, making it a bit of a mixed bag. A perfect blend of opportunity and shadow happening against the backdrop of high-minded spirituality, this time of year can feel more like a riddle than a straightforward plan.

The Snow Moon + Brightest Full Moon of 2019!

Add to the equation the promise of the Snow Moon. (Named for obvious reasons, this moon also sometimes goes by the name of the Hunger Moon or the Storm Moon, alluding the challenges of the season.)

This super moon is the brightest and closest moon of 2019. From an astrological perspective, this full moon, perfecting on February 19, 2019, at 10:53 am Eastern occurs in the sign of Virgo.

The root word to Virgo lies in “virgin,” which means “unto self.” As the sign opposite of Pisces, Virgo balances out Pisces dreamy qualities with brass tacks practicality. It asks us to edit and release that which we no longer need. It calls us to honor our purpose. It reveals the flaw. Its sole purpose? To stay devoted to being of service. It’s not about frivolity, at all, and wants us to conjure our resources with devotion. Virgo rules our digestion. It helps us absorb nutrients and discard that which we no longer need.

I lovingly refer to Virgo as the “protector of purity.” Virgos have a refined sense of precision in all that they do.

Beyond The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo

In addition to the full moon, other critical astrological events are happening too. Chiron just exited Pisces, yesterday, signifying a massive change with how we relate to our healing journey. Mercury, who’s getting ready to go retrograde in two weeks, conjoins Neptune, who rules the sun in Pisces. This combination of Mercury and Neptune turns the volume up on the available healing potential, especially as it forms a perfect sextile to Saturn in Capricorn. Mars, the planet of action, now travels in Taurus, while Uranus gets ready to leave Aries for the sign of the bull too. Venus, the planet love, hangs out in Capricorn sandwiched between badass, power-driven Pluto and hardcore Saturn. (Which is a tough placement for sweet Venus!) Meanwhile, there’s no significant planetary activity in any of the air signs, leaving the atmosphere to potentially feel incredibly stifled!

All this to say, this mid-February super full moon moment opens up a portal of higher knowing. And simultaneously, may take us on an emo-rollercoaster of our heart. Our job is to say centered, remember to breathe, and tap into the magic available via this amazing super moon!

Six Ways to Make the Most of The Super Full Snow Moon in Virgo

  1. Get out there and see it! Even though the full moon perfected at 10:53 am on the 19th, the moon will travel in Virgo until 9:17 am Eastern on February 21st in very close orbit to the earth. We have two full days to embrace the magic of this lunar event! So please get outside and see the moon rise. Meditate in the moonlight and connecting to the lunar energy. If you have the energy for it, dance and howl, too.
  2. Release that which you no longer need. Virgo asks us to organize our lives and release that which we no longer need.  Get organized. Say goodbye to clutter and old energy. If you can, get your home professionally cleaned this week. You will love it.
  3. Look back. With Chiron no longer in Pisces, what did you learn over the last eight years about co-dependency, martyrdom, and giving your power away to people who don’t deserve it? What lesson can you fully integrate now? Own it! Symbolically let go of the pain, and embrace your new beginning.
  4. Develop a pranayama practice. With the sun in Pisces and the moon in Virgo, now’s the perfect time to develop a mindful breathing practice. No, this does not exclusively mean developing a sitting practice, but instead, finding an activity that helps you access a point of concentration while regulating your breath. With no planets in air signs, your breath may feel stifled. This can lead to feelings of anxiousness. Counterbalance this by breathing!
  5. Embrace a lunar ritual! Pisces season remains one of the most magical times of the year, so practicing a ritual will serve you well now. You can learn more about how to do a full moon ritual here. With the sun in Pisces, connecting to music proves fruitful now, too. So, be sure to incorporate some tunes in your ceremony.
  6. Prep for Mercury Retrograde! With the planet of communication about to go retrograde (Mercury will travel retrograde between March 5th-March 28th) now’s the time to settle into a slower pace and start to tune into your intuition. I happen to love Mercury Retrograde and see this as a significant time of year. You can learn more about my philosophy here. We can, and should, use this time to our advantage!

As always, I’d love to hear from you! What’s emerging for you this Full Snow Super Moon? Leave me a comment below!

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