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Full Moon in Virgo: Trust Your Instincts

Happy International Women’s Day! As we celebrate this day of remembering women and igniting our collective force, we do so with a powerful full moon afoot. The Virgo full moon, a full moon that asks us to step into our innate personal sovereignty, directly opposes the Sun in Pisces on Monday, March 9th, at 1:37 […]

full moon in virgo

Happy International Women’s Day!

As we celebrate this day of remembering women and igniting our collective force, we do so with a powerful full moon afoot. The Virgo full moon, a full moon that asks us to step into our innate personal sovereignty, directly opposes the Sun in Pisces on Monday, March 9th, at 1:37 pm. 

Thankfully, on the same night of the full moon, Mercury who’s traveled retrograde since February 16th, stations direct at 11:48 pm ET. Yes. I am more than happy to say goodbye to Mercury in retrograde.

Since Mercury rules Virgo, this full moon provides you with an auspicious opportunity to integrate the truth you’ve discovered over the last few weeks while the planet of communication recalibrated the speed at which it travels around the sun. 

What has emerged in your life since February 16th? What have you learned? What truth are you integrating?

In addition to Mercury stationing at 28 degrees of Aquarius, this full moon boasts Venus and Uranus closely conjoined in Taurus while they trine the south node in Capricorn and sextile the north node in Cancer. Simultaneously, the Sun in Pisces also conjoins Neptune, Pisces’ ruler.  

To sweeten the pot, even more, Jupiter and Mars send a good luck kiss to the Sun/Neptune conjunction, and a meaningful bolt of support to the moon, too.

To put it another way, the March 9th, 19-degree full moon in Virgo, brings auspicious and potent potential.

With an overwhelming amount of planetary power in earth signs, including the moon, the cosmos emphasize the practical. All and all, this full moon is super positive. It asks us to tune into our dream(s) and assess the amount of work we’re ready to put in to make that a reality. It amplifies our stress hardiness, and ability to navigate difficult circumstances with grace.

This fortunate trine from the moon to Jupiter in Capricorn, helps us to build resilience in the face of challenging circumstances. And that’s precisely what we need more than anything right now, resilience or the ability to face life exactly as it is, and rise to something better, despite the challenges we face.

Here’s the deal. Facing difficult circumstances with a resilient mindset amplifies our capacity, raising our baseline level of well-being in the process. Not because our problems go away, magically, but because we conjure our bravery to face things honestly, and make them better.

Unlocking the Power of Virgo

The archetype for Virgo is The Virgin, but not in the chaste, sexless light we’ve cast upon that word as a society. The word “virgin” literally means “unto self.” This energy is all about looking deep within to uncover that which truly nourishes you—without the opinion of those around you. It means that we are all more than capable (and honestly, required) to create our own health and happiness. We are the source of our own dreams. This is also a beautiful time to tune into our Queen energy. Thankfully, Gina Devee just published a beautiful book on this exact topic titled, The Audacity To Be Queen. Check it out!

That said, Virgo energy isn’t exactly “let it flow” and “love the mess” energy. In fact, in medical astrology, Virgo rules the digestive system. Our digestive system literally separates nourishment from waste, the wheat from the chaff. There’s no gray area here—either it’s good for you, or it isn’t, and if it isn’t, it’s gotta go. This full moon asks us to look within and trust our own instincts, and then release any and everything that’s not in alignment with our own mental, physical, and emotional health. If you’re even questioning whether it’s good for you, it probably isn’t. 

Now’s the time to build your immune system. Take your vitamins, drink plenty of water, breathe deeply, meditate, sleep, eat nutritiously, recite calming mantras, journal and tend to your mental health. If you are experiencing anxiety or any mental health issues, lovingly tend to them.

While Virgo is generally steadfast and logical, because this Virgo full moon is directly opposite Neptune, there’s the potential to dust up some confusion, especially in the collective. We may see added confusion surrounding our collective health and straightforward information may be hard to come by (perfect example: the Covid-19). 

During this time, it’s more important than ever to trust yourself. Test every piece of information you hear against your own instincts and consider whether that’s true for you

Stay grounded. Everything is going to be ok.

I know this feels tough, but I promise, it’s going to be OK. 2020 heralds some of the grandest astrological intensity our generation has yet lived through as adults.

Pay close attention to what’s unfolding in your life, because over the next few weeks, we’ll experience Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn at a fever pitch.

Remember, resilience means facing life, exactly as it is, and becoming better in the process!

Here’s why this is even more important right now. Mars, who is now also traveling in Capricorn, activates the trifecta igniting transformation and radical change. We’ll feel it even acutely over the next few weeks.

Speaking of Mars, later this year he retrogrades. From September 9th-November 13th in Aries, a sign he’ll travel in for six months, (an unusually long period of time) he’ll square the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn. So the theme of pandemonium doesn’t seem to go anywhere. We are living through unprecedented times. It’s so important to understand your resilience is everything, right now, and always.

Venus also goes retrograde this year too from May 10- June 24, in the sign of Gemini. Gemini represents networking and short-distance travel, and with a contagious virus afoot, I am curious to see what happens in early spring as it relates to our community, and events, in general. I get the sense that ultimately we’ll land on a healthier sense of community, globally. (Even if this is trigger via crisis, keeping an eye on the opportunity helps to keep the spirit of resilience alive.)

With both Venus + Mars going retrograde this year, and Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjoining and respectively commencing new cycles, everything will feel topsy-turvy. And that’s ok. Resilience teaches us that we can stay centered and even neutral during the most triggering of times. That doesn’t mean don’t feel your feelings. It just means knowing that your feelings will ultimately support you to become happier, stronger, healthier, and more capable.

I know this is a lot of astrology to take in, so just know this– we are amidst a cycle of conclusions, with inspiration abound. Albeit confusing, now’s the time to pay attention to what’s unfolding in your life.

What’s coming to an end? What’s emerging? And most importantly, how can you hold your center even while everything feels so disrupted?

More than ever, it’s time to get on board with your health goals, and build your reserves. Give yourself plenty of opportunities for rest. Eliminate things that bring your down: aka, sugar, alcohol, or foods that you know just weaken your immune system and cause you to feel crappy. I also love this article that does some important myth-busting about Covid-19. Give it a read.

Covid-19 aside, this full moon in Virgo is the perfect calling card from the universe to get clear on how to take care of every aspect of ourselves. 

What are you doing to prioritize your well being this full moon? What are some easy changes you can make to support your health and immune system even more?

Let me know in the comments below!

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