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Manifestation: What Does It Really Mean?

One of the biggest buzzwords in the personal development world is manifestation. Everyone from Deepak Chopra to Gabrielle Bernstein tells us that the secret to having the relationship, money, career, health, and life of our dreams is placing a very well-intentioned “order” into the Universe.i.e. Dear Universe, I’d like to call in my soulmate now. […]

wy3_0548One of the biggest buzzwords in the personal development world is manifestation. Everyone from Deepak Chopra to Gabrielle Bernstein tells us that the secret to having the relationship, money, career, health, and life of our dreams is placing a very well-intentioned “order” into the Universe.i.e.

Dear Universe,

I’d like to call in my soulmate now.

Thanks, bye!

But is it really that simple? Is placing an “order to the Universe” really going to get the job done? The short answer to that question is no.

While intention setting is essential to creating what you desire, it’s only step one.

Manifesting requires us to channel our thoughts, energy, and actions into creating what we want. It’s a practice and a process that truly works only when we refine and realign ourselves with our intention over and over again. Otherwise, we continue to live as “unconscious creators.” Those of us who walk through life in reactionary mode, holding tight to old beliefs and patterns, and forever creating a reality we don’t really want.

When we step into “conscious creating,” we take our power back. We’re able to not only decide what we want and move in the direction of it, but we’re also able to change our behaviors, our beliefs, and our thoughts. It’s in this process that we become wholeheartedly committed to the work of calling in our desires, no matter how long they take to arrive.

As I mentioned in my previous post, sometimes it can feel like our greatest manifestations are taking their sweet ass time. And when they do, we get all kinds of discouraged, angry, and whiny, questioning whether they will ever come to fruition. While this is absolutely normal, moments of challenge or setbacks are opportunities for recommitment to our intention. For mustering that inner faith and finding ways to approach things differently. And for addressing the obstacles head on.

A lot of people ask me, “Jenn, this year has been crazy hard. I’m struggling. Every retrograde cycle throws me off. This shit show of an election is wearing me thin. And I can barely find the faith to believe things are going to improve. Can you tell me when it’s going to get better?”

Girl, no matter how deep my understanding of the astrological cycles, I, unfortunately, cannot predict the magical healing moment of your life or this planet. What I can tell you is this: YOU can make it better. Address those challenges. Be willing to see the circumstances differently. Dig deep and commit to your resilience. Find the positive, even in the dark. Get comfortable with how uncomfortable life is right now on this planet. We live in turbulent times.

If manifestation teaches us anything, it’s that we are the powerful creators of our own reality. And it’s time to really own that.

Now, I’ll be honest. In 2014-2015, my faith was tested. I had to walk my talk big time, and while the manifestation of my desire didn’t arrive on my timeline, it arrived at the perfect time. You see, my husband and I have always had the dream to own a house in the country, in addition to an apartment in the city. To have two places to call home.

What I thought would be a seamless process was not such thing. We found ourselves in an 18-month hunt, and at that time everything seemed to go wrong. We put an offer in on a Brooklyn apartment that fell through. The pipes in our rental home burst the same weekend my mother-in-law passed away. And I had no idea how things could get any worse, let alone better.

But I believed they would. I surrendered each time disappointment or devastation hit my heart. And I continued to hold the vision of my dream close, taking massive action toward it with the help of the moon phases.

Any you know what happened? We found our dream house in the country, and our offer was accepted October 2015. The path I took to get here was messy, but it all happened perfectly. And while there were moments I felt like the Universe forgot about me, I stayed committed to receiving and allowing my dream to come when it was ready to.

Living in a hyper environment of instant gratification and screen refreshing doesn’t make this an easy process. In fact, I think that’s what makes it so hard. But we have to remember that challenging times can last a few months or even a decade. We can’t control what happens, but we can control how we respond.

The moon is reflective of those dark moments as well as the bright ones. Its cycle is a perfect mirror of how our greatest desires unfold, and how we ebb and flow in this life. When we find alignment with those cycles, we begin to understand how it all works and the weight of “instant creation” is lifted. Because the bigger picture is, this is a process, a lesson, and a perfect opportunity to surrender and trust. While there is magic in manifestation, it also requires that we be clear, have faith, and cultivate resilience.

The phases of the moon can be our guide to weathering the storms and also celebrating when desires finally arrive. Harness it’s power, and you’ll become not only an incredible manifestor, but also an incredible human being. (Well, you already are an incredible human!)

If you’re feeling intrigued by this lunar logic, I have a special invitation for you. Over the next 28 days, you have the opportunity to discover the mysterious cycle of the moon and how to use its energy to manifest one of your greatest desires, in the Moon Cycle Manifestation Challenge. Get the details and sign up here!

Otherwise, hold on tight because the new moon in Scorpio happening on the 30th at 7 degrees is positively aspected in all the right ways to rise up and meet life exactly as it is; radically flawed and full of magic at the same time.

This New Moon in Scorpio is auspiciously aligned with Mercury, the planet of communication, while making sumptuous connections to Neptune, the planet that rules our dreams, and Pluto, the planet that rules our power. Saturn and Venus are aligned in Sagittarius, bringing a sense of sobriety to our desired intentions. This serves the long-term manifestation of our desires.

In English, this new moon auspiciously supports manifestation.

So what do you want to transform? How do you want to use the Scorpio powers in your life right now?

Now is the time to slow down and tune into yourself. Take deep breaths, feel your feet on the ground, and spend some time considering what you’d like to call into your life. What do you crave more than anything? If you’re unclear, that’s ok. Just take time to nourish and nurture you. Doing so is a manifestation in and of itself.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What does manifestation mean to you? How have you manifested your dreams in past? Any manifestation tips you’d like to share with me? Leave a comment below!

As always, I send you all of my love.




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