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New Moon in Gemini: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone + Get Inspired

The new moon in Gemini, happening June 13th, 2018 at 3:43 pm ET, brings with it (in true Gemini fashion) the essence of duality. While many of you know me as Jenn, the astrologer and coach who delivers you cosmic updates to help you chart your success in life and business, there’s something else you […]

new moon in geminiThe new moon in Gemini, happening June 13th, 2018 at 3:43 pm ET, brings with it (in true Gemini fashion) the essence of duality. While many of you know me as Jenn, the astrologer and coach who delivers you cosmic updates to help you chart your success in life and business, there’s something else you may not know. I have a deep love for something other than astrology. In fact, there are two completely separate passions that keep me inspired, driven, and awakened to new possibilities as a business owner.

My first love is music.

I’ve spent a large portion of my life attending rock concerts all over the world—hundreds and hundreds, in fact. I love to immerse myself in the experience of art and culture. To some, this may sound like a waste of money. For me, it’s the biggest source of inspiration in my life. By studying the history of music and different artists, and witnessing the way they create music, I open my mind. It’s a practice that encourages me to consider the endless possibilities of life. It’s a spiritual experience, indeed.

Second, I’m obsessed with food.

I love the culinary arts. It may just be my Italian roots or the positioning of Venus and Mars in my natal chart, but I’ve always had such an appreciation for food and especially for the chefs behind the scenes. Having worked in the restaurant industry for many years to pay my way through college, I witnessed the challenges chefs come up against, and how dedicated someone has to be to make it in the restaurant business.

(I write my blogs in advance and had no idea that when this article would post, legendary chef, Anthony Bourdain would no longer be with us come time to post this one. My heart breaks with this tragedy. There are no words. RIP Anthony.)

While a musician and a chef may appear unrelated, the truth is that they are two of the hardest professions to succeed at in the world. Both industries require relentless grit. Breaking into the music industry is bonkers and I’m always so impressed by the tenacity it takes to get recognition and gain traction in the industry. The same goes for chefs.

Cleansing My Palate: European Adventure and Lunar Logic Moon School

Later this week I take off for Europe for my Lunar Logic Moon School mastermind retreat in Tuscany. But before arriving in Italy, I’m taking a long weekend in Dublin to see one of my favorite bands, The National, indulge Dublin’s culinary scene, and travel to a few sacred sites too. As I hold space for the transformation of the women participating in Lunar Logic Moon School, I have to fill my cup, too. And, despite being a true introvert, the live music experience, married with culinary explorations, offers an unparalleled experience of inspiration.

While I love The National for many reasons—especially because of the collaboration formed between all members of the band—I find the twins Bryce and Aaron Dessner aspirational. Even though the Dessners are Tauruses (born on April 23rd, 1976), I write about them at the Gemini new moon, because, well, twins. After all, they are by far my favorite twins when it comes to famous ones!

For example, aside from just playing in an esteemed, Grammy-winning indie rock band, guitarist Bryce Dessner’s prolific musicianship extends into the classical sphere, too. He has a wild resume, including composing for organizations like the New York and Los Angeles Philharmonic (amongst many other highly prestigious arts organizations globally). Aaron Dessner, equally prolific, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter who has spearheaded many projects I deeply respect. He recently formed a side project band with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, and the two of them have launched a music platform called PEOPLE (which also dubs as a festival in Berlin). These amazing, multifaceted musicians also make great culture shifting entrepreneurs, too. If you want some new musical inspiration this new moon, check out PEOPLE.

Channeling Innovation: Embodying The Sun and Moon in Gemini

Most people say you can only do one thing really well. But whenever I find myself questioning my own ambition or capabilities, I think of Bryce and Aaron. At that moment, I’m reminded that it’s possible to deliver with excellence in multiple verticles simultaneously. Studying them, their music, and their relentless abilities to defy logic with prolific capacities boosts my resilience more than any positive psychology lesson I’ve ever read. (Though, let’s be honest, studying other people who inspire us correlates with what Carol Dweck coined as a growth mindset. Check out this video on the topic for a refresher or if you’re new to the concept.)

In addition to representing twins, Gemini, a mutable air sign, is known for spreading ideas and cross-pollinating cultures.

So often we admire those who we want to be, whose life we want to have, and who show us a potential that we already know is possible. The problem? This often perpetuates idea-stealing and copycats and doesn’t actually foster innovation and originality.

On this Gemini new moon I encourage a different route. Find a completely one-of-a-kind role model, unlike anyone you’ve ever seen before, that you have no aspirations of becoming. I believe that it’s more important to find inspiration outside your industry than within it.

You see, I don’t have aspirations to ever become a musician or chef. (Honestly, I can barely make toast.) I love the people I love because of their creativity, tenacity, and the soulfulness in which they live. My inspirations teach me something new every single time I witness their incredible gifts. Yet, my goal is to be the very best coach, astrologer, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur I can. (Not to win a Grammy or Top Chef!)

Having inspiring people in your life—whether they’re in close proximity or muses from afar—is essential to opening your mind and witnessing human excellence.

The New Moon in Gemini: Find Your Muse

The new moon in Gemini happens on June 13, 2018, at 3:43 pm ET at 22 degrees in the sign of the twins. It’s a time to seed desires and aspirations as they apply to who you wish to become.

My suggestion? Find a muse that activates you. That makes you sit in awe of their accomplishments and talent. That inspires you to push past fear. That awakens you to a deeper creativity than you ever knew was inside you. That’s what’s possible when you have a source of inspiration that broadens your perspective—they connect you to yourself more deeply.

Given that Gemini represents the sign of the twins, you might even want to find two!

Simultaneously, at the time of the new moon, Mercury (the ruler of the new moon in Gemini), forms a perfect sextile to Uranus. Uranus embodies breakthrough and change, and this cosmic connection amplifies original thinking and innovation. Meanwhile, Mercury makes a sharp angle to Chiron, the comet that represents our karmic wound. This planetary alignment invites you to tend to your emotions and honor them. To top it off, Venus—the planet of love and beauty—exits emotional Cancer today and enters vivacious Leo, squaring Uranus. It’s time to take a step back and witness what’s unfolding. Resist the urge to react. Then, from a place of clarity and calm, set your intentions!

A Conscious Practice for the New Moon in Gemini: Get Writing

1. Write it out: What’s your definition of success?

With Mars in his retrograde shadow, stationing retrograde on June 26th, ambition is under scrutiny. Now’s the time to determine for yourself what it is you really care about. Go deep or go home. Words have power and this is especially potent for Gemini, a sign known for communication and writing. With the sun and the moon in this intellectual and expressive sign, now’s the time to tap into this skill. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, take time to articulate your desires on paper.

2. Look outside of your industry for inspiration.

Find an out-of-the-box role model by studying something that has nothing to do with your profession. If you’re in the wellness industry, for example, look for someone in the world of philanthropy or activism or theater or music. Whatever you naturally feel drawn to. Consider historical influences. It will make you feel more courageous, uplifted, lit up, and conscious of what’s possible for you, instead of limiting your perception of excellence to one hot spiritual guru.

To circle back to Bourdain, a man who traveled the world telling stories of the intersection of food and culture, find an intersection that you want to explore. After all, life isn’t linear, and our passions shouldn’t be either.

3. Dream big and set your intention.

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is known for innovation, big-picture thinking, communication, and socializing. So, when setting your intentions for this new moon in Gemini, remember that most of the limits we place on ourselves are based on our past, not on our future. There’s a whole world of possibility just beyond our current perspective, which can be incredibly challenging to access without actually doing the thing.

Meditate on your muses. Imagine where they came from, how they grew up. Consider that in relation to where they are now. Do you think they knew early in life exactly how their dreams would play out? Re-read your definition of success and conjure up the best possible outcome. Disregard the voice in your head that tries to tell you it’s not possible from your current vantage point. Remember that life is a combination of preparation and planning, and surrender and chance. At any moment, it’s possible for your life to change dramatically.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! What’s coming up for you this new moon? What’s inspiring you? Leave me a comment below.

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