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New Moon in Sagitarrius—What’s Your Personal Philosophy? Here’s Mine!

Happy new moon in Sagittarius! Sagittarius represents the part of us that loves adventure, travel, and philosophy.  It’s no coincidence that the sun moving into Sagittarius initiates the holiday season. Sagittarius is a sign known for festivities! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! While we are under the fiery influence of Sagittarius, I want to encourage you to […]

Happy new moon in Sagittarius!

Sagittarius represents the part of us that loves adventure, travel, and philosophy.  It’s no coincidence that the sun moving into Sagittarius initiates the holiday season. Sagittarius is a sign known for festivities! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

While we are under the fiery influence of Sagittarius, I want to encourage you to spend some time pondering your personal philosophy. You know, the core concept that underlies why you do what you.  What you inherently believe to be true of life.  Something that informs who you are, how you live, and what you desire to create this lifetime. Sagittarius is a sign capable of blunt honesty helping us to become really clear when it comes to matters of the heart and mind, making today a great time to get philosophical.

To inspire you to think about your personal philosophy, I’d love to share with you a core piece of my philosophy.

My philosophy is that success isn’t a race, and instead, a rhythm. Rhythmicity or the state of being in rhythm has a natural way of keeping things in harmony and flow. My definition of purpose driven success leverages rhythm to create consistent ”breakthrough” results with a greater sense of ease, naturally evolving from optimizing the impermanence of the moment.  When we embrace rhythm we can begin to trust that each step gives ways to another, and, by following this inherent progression stemming from being present, we get to where we need to go with peace of mind.

To that end, I believe that following moon cycles are advantageous for women, and that following a moon cycle connects to the hormonal rhythms of a woman’s body.  My experience of doing this in my own life (and helping hundreds of other women in my private coaching and astrology practice) has shown me, that when we sync with the cycles of nature and our body, magic happens.

A colleague of mine, Alisa Vitti, (Alisa initially taught me the principals of hormonal rhythms), refers to this concept as “forward vector motion.”  Forward vector motion is a principal in physics that explains why wheels accelerate motion on vehicles.  Meaning there is a cyclical nature in how they spin, and when we utilize this to our advantage, we gain speed and momentum in order to get where we want to go faster.

Alisa, (author of WomanCode) taught me that this is true when we apply these principals to the female menstrual cycle. I also know this to be true as an astrologer. Having religiously followed the phases of the moon for the last 15 years I’ve experienced so much by honoring the cycles of nature. I’ve since brought the two together to combine philosophies.

You see, each month the moon cycles through four distinct phases:

  • New
  • Waxing
  • Full
  • Waning

Your menstrual cycle goes through four distinct phases, too:

  • Menstrual
  • Follicular
  • Ovulatory
  • Luteal

On top of that, both the moon and your menstrual take approximately 28-29.5 days to complete their cycles. Interestingly enough, the moon and your menstrual cycle both wax and wane, having similar energetic qualities to how they work.

The four phases of the moon and your menses correlate to each other in the same order I listed them above. So, the new moon relates to your menstrual or “moon cycle,” the waxing moon to your follicular phase, the full moon to the ovulatory phase and the waning moon correlates to the luteal phase.

(Caveat, I understand that many women do not ovulate in sync with the phases of the moon. While it is possible to sync your cycle to the phases of the moon, it’s by no means necessary. More importantly, sync with your body!  Then, look at the moon as secondary information also capable of providing you with “forward vector motion” in your life!)

Below you will find a more in depth break down between the connection of the moon and our menses; and, how to use both to your advantage!

New Moon – Menstrual Phase

The new moon happens when the sun and moon come into alignment—when the masculine energy of the sun merges with the feminine essence of the moon. During this phase, there is a lull in energy as the moon, and the sun are conjunct in the sky. Now is a strong time to plant seeds and anchor new beginnings.

The new moon is a great time to start new routines, launch projects, set intentions, and do visualizations and affirmations. This is when you can decide how you want to steer the course of your life, set a vision for where you want to go, and follow it up with very strong intentions regarding what you want to create and conjure for yourself.

During a new moon and the week after, it’s time to breathe new life into any area of stagnation or any place in your life where you would like to impact positive change.

The menstrual cycle is set up to teach us about the need for both the in-breath and the out-breath of life’s processes. –Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Similarly, when you have your period, you are in the symbolic new moon phase of your cycle. Affectionately termed your “moon cycle,” your menses is truly time to slow down and go inward to hear the deepest truth of your heart. The entire phase of menstruation typically lasts between 3-7 days, shows a total absence of progesterone, and a small spike in estrogen, which then declines completely.

At the time of the new moon and during your menstrual phase, you are at an important moment in your cycle where you can consciously call in precisely what you want.

The very beginning of your period is a time of total rest and recovery. The body is rejuvenating so it can begin the cycle again. This portion of the cycle is all about self-analysis, recovery, and regeneration. Similar to the luteal phase at the end of the menses cycle, a woman can receive powerful messages at this time, as well as set intentions into motion.

Go within and journal, listen to your deepest desires and wants, and connect with your values. It’s particularly important to listen during this time so you can refine your vision and make the appropriate adjustments in your life.

Waxing Moon – Follicular Phase

As the moon waxes, that’s the time to add energy to the momentum of all that you are creating in the world. It’s a phase for exertion.

The follicular phase is the time between your period and ovulation. Estrogen starts off low and begins to incline, readying your body for a potential pregnancy. The hormonal communication system motions for your body to prepare for the release of an egg when the pituitary gland sends follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) to the ovaries.

During this phase, your confidence is generally heightened. The increased estrogen spikes your serotonin, which helps you to feel more energetic and powerful, making this a great time for extroverted activities that allow you to get things done.

Use the waxing moon and/or your follicular phase to communicate, collaborate, contribute or simply become creatively inspired.

Full Moon – Ovulatory Phase

Full moons are a time of release. When the moon is full, its gravitational pull on the earth is at its strongest. Full moons offer an opportunity to make necessary changes to get back into sync with your highest ideal.

The ovulatory phase, which lasts about 3-4 days, involves a quick rise in FSH and luteinizing hormone, which supports the release of an egg (AKA ovulation). Estrogen continues to incline while testosterone peaks then declines immediately after the egg bursts from the follicle that brought it to maturity.

Because your testosterone is high, you may feel equally connected to your masculine—making this an ideal time for socializing, difficult conversations, public presentations, risk taking and anything else that fosters one’s ability to create and expand community. Your energy is at its highest during this phase, so high impact exercise does you exceptionally well now, as well as being bold across the boards in life.

Make sure that – no matter what – under a full moon you consciously connect to the moon’s light and the essence of the Divine Feminine shining through the sky. If it’s the full moon and you are not ovulating, check in where you are in your cycle and take care of yourself given the particular phase of your cycle you are in now..

Waning Moon – Luteal Phase

When the moon begins to wane and the light disseminates, so should our outward attention. This is a call to go within and do the internal work of seeking answers and asking for direction. Simultaneously, grant yourself full permission to become more withdrawn as this is an evaluation phase.

If the body does not become pregnant after the ovulatory phase, it preps for the luteal phase, which lasts until menstruation. This segment of the cycle is identified with increasing progesterone levels, the disappearance of FSH and luteinizing hormones, as well as a bit of a rollercoaster ride regarding estrogen levels. (Roughly around the 21st day after your last period began your body would secrete both estrogen and progesterone.)

Once the body is certain there is no pregnancy (around day 26), progesterone will stop, triggering the period. This portion of the cycle takes a much more inward focus as hormonal shifts prepare, and PMS may begin. During this phase, it’s very important for you to pay attention to your feelings as well as tend to your comfort.

During the luteal phase, we turn more inward, preparing to develop or give birth to something that comes from deep within ourselves…. The premenstrual phase is, therefore, a time when we have greater access to our magic – our ability to recognize and transform the more difficult and painful areas of our lives. –Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD

You may feel more called to nesting activities or more routine tasks. It’s is a great time for administrative details, cleaning, long luxurious baths and other introverted activities that connect you to yourself on a deep, nurturing level.

Our brains are wired to become far more sensitive to the emotional nuances of our subconscious and intuition during the luteal phase; therefore, keeping a dream journal during this time of the month may prove fruitful.

During the luteal phase of the cycle, our emotions are encrypted with messages regarding where we need to speak up or perhaps make changes in our lives. Listen deeply for direction and guidance during this period. It’s there for you! Practicing radical acceptance of emotions serves you well at this time, as well as what Cheryl Richardson calls, “extreme self-care.”

While in this phase, let go of everything that is not serving you and your desire to become pregnant. Clear your energy of the past: old lovers, former jobs, perceptions from the past, even clutter in your home. Cleanse and purify your body, mind, and physical space in order to continue the conscious conception process.

Rhythmicity is key to life.  Find the ebb and flow of energy in your life.

Remember: Life is a rhythm, not a race.

Understand your cycles, honor your personal rhythm and align with your higher purpose.

Today, as the new moon happens in Sagittarius, I’d love for you to consider this: what’s your personal philosophy?  Take some time today or this weekend to ponder the philosophical underpinnings that drive you.  Write them out!

As always I send you my love!



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