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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: Unlock #CosmicHoliday Magic

new moon solar eclipse in scorpio

As we wind down our holiday celebrations and enter that gentle, slowed-down week between Christmas and the new year, we have a lot to look forward to. In fact, the astrological transits we’ll experience before the decade turns are some of the best of 2019. 

On December 26th at 12:12 AM ET, the new moon in Capricorn perfects and our last solar eclipse of the decade happens (solar eclipses only happen during the new moon phase). On a regular day, a new moon provides the opportunity to set intentions for growth. The solar eclipse in combination with this new moon puts a spotlight on these heart-centered desires and magnifies their potency and potential.

There’s a good possibility that whatever ideas, messages, or people this eclipse sends your way will be highly unexpected—and welcome. Eclipses can often feel like astrological wild cards, but this one sparkles with positivity. The sun and moon conjoin at 4 degrees of Capricorn, while revolutionary Uranus in Taurus makes a trine to this conjunction. This formation delivers the potential for helpful surprises and a much-needed breakthrough. On top of that, Jupiter joins the sun-moon party in Capricorn to expand on the feel-good holiday vibes. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and abundance, so be prepared for an extra dose of holiday magic. And don’t forget to enjoy it!

All this to say, the opportunity to set powerful intentions surrounding your deepest, most sincere desires is there—but you have to take advantage of it. If you’re looking for a greater sense of emotional well-being or freedom from burnout in the new decade, be sure to take some time to conjure magic during this eclipse. Remember, magic is an act of creation through intention and willpower, in communion with forces both inside and outside ourselves. And stems from love. 

Give yourself time to tap into this infinite love. What do you want to put your willpower behind to create in 2020? When you combine love and will, while respecting the rhythms and power of nature, we have a major opportunity to reach unparalleled potential. It’s truly an auspicious and aligned way to end the year. For more on closing out the decade and aligning your energy with your cosmic potential, check out the astro 411 on my blog. 

I’ll be back in your inbox after the holiday season to talk about what’s coming our way in 2020. Until then, be sure to give yourself space to revel in this energy and rediscover the beating heart of who and what you love.

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  • Anne

    Love this blog so much. Thank you for your astrological guidance. Much love and blessing to you ❤️

  • Alita

    Great blog post! I can’t wait to see what manifestations come alive in 2020 & the next nineteen years 🙂

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