Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2020: Safety, For Everyone - Jennifer Racioppi

Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2020: Safety, For Everyone

The recent south node lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, which happened on June 5th, put a light on police brutality, and the unjust ways Black America remains oppressed. But the thing is, while eclipses generally bring light to things that are hidden, systemic racism was never hidden, it’s just been normalized. And now, with the new […]

solar eclipse in cancer 2020

The recent south node lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, which happened on June 5th, put a light on police brutality, and the unjust ways Black America remains oppressed. But the thing is, while eclipses generally bring light to things that are hidden, systemic racism was never hidden, it’s just been normalized. And now, with the new moon solar eclipse in Cancer happening on June 21st at 0º of Cancer, we’re about to go even deeper.

While the education system in America spins the storyline of equal opportunity and claims that success in the USA is based on meritocracy, the truth is (truth being a keyword for Sagittarius) that’s not how our economy or justice system works.

So, yes, the world feels like it’s on fire right now—and, it is. Not only has COVID-19 forced us to sit tight and stay put but the heart-wrenching death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and sadly, the death of many, many, others, has turned this current eclipse season into a massive historical turning point for the fight for racial justice, in this country and throughout the world.

Solar Eclipse In Cancer 2020: A Major Initiation

Happening at 2:41 AM ET on June 21st, this 0º solar eclipse in Cancer requires us to be extremely conscious of our choices now. Its exact positioning at 0 º of Cancer, a cardinal point, makes it especially important. It too happens at a critical crossroads in the earth’s revolution around the sun, solstice!

Twenty-twenty already feels extremely chaotic.

And now, it delivers a long-overdue reckoning on race and systemic injustices.

America, and really the entire world, stand at a crossroads. As we collectively face an existential and moral identity crisis, issues of what it means to be safe at home—in our dwellings, our country, and even our own bodies—are at the forefront of collective consciousness.

As we move through this current eclipse season, and shadows emerge (or just become more visible to those with privilege) I encourage all of us to ponder one question: How do we, as a society, dismantle the systems of oppression?

Embracing the north node solar eclipse in Cancer

Normally summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, or winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, feels like an invitation to play. But let’s be clear, Cancer season is always a time of devotion. It asks us to spend time doing what allows us to feel safe, secure, and nourished. But as the sun ingresses into Cancer this year, 2020, we have a much bigger set of priorities than our individual joy. In this moment, to live any sort of non-white, non-heteronormative life places you, frankly, at risk.

As the world moves through this crisis of justice and morality the new moon solar eclipse begs the question: How can we create a world, that provides for, and protects, all of us?

0° in Cancer: A Pivotal Moment in History

Since the nodes of fate have been on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, we’ve had to consider what it means to truly “be at home” in this world and in ourselves. Being “at home” requires feeling safe. And far too many people in this world aren’t safe, and that’s a huge problem. This eclipse series and this final north node solar eclipse in Cancer requires us to think deeper on how we can create a sense of safety and belonging within our own country.

When it comes down to it, no matter where we live or who we live with, our bodies are our very first and most important shelter. Not only is it our job to treat our own body with the utmost respect, but we also need to support everybody—including and especially those who have historically—and presently—experience injustices. 

Now, after many months of quarantine, we get the opportunity to look at this question through the lens of the current events and cultural shift in understanding what it truly means to be anti-racist.

Solar Eclipse In Cancer: Finding Shelter Within

When it comes down to it, no matter where we live or who we live with, our bodies are our very first and most important shelter. Not only is it our job to treat our own body with the utmost respect, but we also need to support everybody—including and especially those that don’t look like ours. 

It’s time to ask ourselves: What have we learned about family, home, and honoring our intuition? And even more specifically: As we’ve been grounded in our homes with family, what has been working for us?

Take stock of what’s been helpful for you to feel at peace during this time, whether it’s reorganizing your bookshelves or planting your first garden. And anything that’s caused you and your loved ones unnecessary stress? It’s time to get honest about what you want to bring with you, and build upon, and what you want to release and let go of at this critical turning point and cosmic cross-road. 

The Eclipse Series: Going Deeper In The Sign Of The Crab

The last time we had a solar eclipse in Cancer was on June 21st, 2001—just three months before 9/11. That eclipse was the precursor to an event that rocked our world to its core. It kicked up our unconscious fears around what it means to be safe. It brought up our country’s poorly hidden xenophobia. In the aftermath, we all chose who and what we belonged to. Our concept of home changed forever.

Going deeper, Cancer rules our roots—the lineage, beliefs, and ancestral knowledge we’ve carried with us into this lifetime. Think about it: if you look at a standard astrological wheel, Cancer falls at the nadir. It’s the foundation of which all of our branches stem from.

With a potent new moon happening in this family-centered sign, we’re presented with a call to go deeply into the roots of our being. It’s not just about our personal past, but listening to and integrating the lessons of our ancestors. It’s an essential step forward to heal our collective future. 

Solar Eclipse In Cancer: Call In New Beginnings

Since this is a new moon eclipse at 0º of Cancer, it’s particularly potent in its capacity to open a portal to new beginnings. Um, yes! I need this. You need this. We need this.

Take a moment and get super clear. What is it you want to initiate with the eclipse? What wisdom is the world and your own spiritual journey teaching you? If 2020 conspired to teach you a lesson, what’s the lesson? And what are you going to do about it?

We are closing a crucial 19-year cycle right now. And 2020, in general, is closing much BIGGER chapters for our collective history. Now’s the time to sit with the discomfort rising to the surface. Learn to discern the wisdom you currently need to embody and commit to as you move forward.

Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury Retrograde In Cancer, and Mars, Oh My!

To add to the potency of this moment, Jupiter and Pluto are in close proximity, with an exact conjunction on June 30th. This is the second of their three-part meet-up in 2020, all of which amp up the intensity surrounding our lessons. Think back to where you were on April 4th of this year. Since these two powerhouse planets are meeting in Capricorn all year, look for lessons surrounding business, structures, government, and power dynamics. Pay close attention: there’s a good chance you’ll address it all again at Jupiter and Pluto’s last conjunction in November. (For more info on these planets and the astrology for 2020, check out the Astrology of the Shadow series on my blog). 

To make things more interesting, Mercury is retrograde in Cancer, bringing all of the feelings to the surface as well. Mercury stationed retrograde in the wee hours of the morning on June 18th ET. He won’t go direct until July 12th. We have one more eclipse ahead of us in this June/July segment of the eclipse season. The closing south node lunar eclipse of Capricorn happens on July 4th or 5th (depending on your time zone). It promises a further reckoning of systemic injustices in our political and business settings.

On June 27th, Mars the planet of drive and ambition, will enter into its home sign of Aries, and stay there… for the rest of the year.

There’s so much happening. None of it is minor. And of it needs to be sat with and digested.

Venus Retrograde: Reassessing Our Collective Values

Add to the list that Venus is also retrograde in Gemini (still). The planet of love and values calls us to reassess and recommit to our values. Venus stationed retrograde on May 13th and stations direct a few days after this solar eclipse in Cancer. The exact day she does so depends on your time zone (either the 24th or 25th).

This is more than the previously acceptable, light-hearted, indulgent, #selfcare. The work of this Venus retrograde is deep, and it’s generational. We’re sitting at the crossroads of history.

Here’s why: Venus rules Taurus, and currently Uranus the planet of disruption travels in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus was always going to be intersectionality. This Venus retrograde corresponds with massive Black Lives Matter protests. The message of Venus’s emergence into her warrior position during her first retrograde since 2018 is well heard. And that is: No one is free until everyone is free.

Venus rules our values, and while she continues to backspin, it’s critical that we take a hard look at what we deem important. Now is the time to honor those values.

Collectively, we’re called to value and stand with our fellow humans.

And look: If you know me, you know that I practice astrology for feminists. Please understand that, for me, that means integrating knowledge of the cosmos to empower us all to thrive on this planet. 

I truly believe that If you are white and able-bodied, now’s just not the time to sink into your personal safe haven. None of us are free in our bodies until all of us are, and right now, Black and brown people do not feel safe living in their own skin. Seek out the work of Black creators, donate to Black Lives Matter and Black-owned businesses, and use this cosmic energy to push our collective consciousness in the direction of equality and justice in any way you can. 

Those are my values. I’m doubling down on them in this pivotal moment. What’s coming up for you? What are you recommitting to yourself to? 


 Solar Eclipse in Cancer Must-Knows

This eclipse happens at 0º in the cardinal sign of Cancer. It’s our last eclipse in Cancer in this cycle, so be sure to reflect on how your views on home and family have changed since this series started in 2018—and even further back to 2001 when we experienced our last solar eclipse at the same degree in Cancer. 

Since it happens at 0º of Cancer, it’s particularly potent. It coincides with the solstice and is an invitation to dream big. Seeds planted now have a 19-year tailwind, so be intentional.

Venus is also still retrograde at this time. She asks us to do the inner work surrounding the value we place on home in every sense of the word—our country, houses, and own bodies. 

This is a lot, I know, but please always remember that you already have everything inside you that you need to do this work. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible. Give yourself time and space to consider how you can come home unto yourself so you can create a sense of home for all. 

At the end of the day, this is a time of deep alchemy, meaning, and sacred reverence. So, it may not be the smoothest energy, it’s very much worth our attention and intention. 

Things to consider this new moon:

  • Mars is 25 degrees Pisces, squaring the Nodes of Fate.
  • Jupiter and Pluto are conjoining.
  • Saturn is retrograde and about to come back to the critical degree 29 degrees in Capricorn on July 1st. At the time of this eclipse, Saturn forms an inconjunct with the sun and moon.
  • Planets currently retrograde: Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus. Mercury will go direct on July 12th. Venus will go direct on June 25th. Neptune stations retrograde on June 23rd.
  • It’s also the Summer Solstice! The sun is at a critical turning point at its ellipses.  
  • We have one more eclipse in this series; a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4/5th (depending on your time zone.)

In the comments below, let me know what you are calling in this new moon!

How are you showing up to make sure the world is safe for everyone?

What intentions or prayers are you holding for your community?

Are you taking action? (I hope so!)

Please let us know what you are leaning into, conjuring and creating this new moon.

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