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The Full Supermoon in Aries: Connect with Courage


Take a moment to consider this. There is a 14.6 million square mile ball of light and matter floating in space, shining down on us night after night. It’s scientifically proven that this mysterious object has a powerful effect on us and our planet. The tides rise and fall with the moon. Women’s menstrual cycles coincide with its phases. And it plays a part in fertility and birth.

The moon is kind of a big deal. And lately, it’s been getting a lot more attention with dedicated reports and coverage of the blood moon, supermoon, and full moon over the past few years. We’re all feeling intrigued by the power and pull of our lunar cycle. And this has become particularly evident with the passing of recent moon eclipses—some of them were harsh!

In parallel to this “moon rising” is something really beautiful: the rising of the feminine. More women than ever are being activated and inspired to create and become leaders. We’re graduating with college degrees and attending graduate schools at incredible rates. We’re starting businesses that lead with heart and make a difference in the world. And we’re climbing the ranks in male-dominated fields to set a new tone for business.

While success and abundance have held a masculine edge for decades, women are being called to reconnect with their feminine energy and use it in a powerful way. We’re being called to tune into our intuitions, find flow within the rhythm of our lives, and begin living in sync with the cycle of the moon.

We’re at a point in time on this planet, and as a species, where things really have to change. The world needs healing. And there is a profound need for all of us to cultivate the feminine attributes within us: compassion, nurturing, connection, and community, and blend them with intuitive action. Making moves in the direction of what feels right and is right.

The moon can be our guide. It can be the first step to reviving the connection we as women are meant to have with the natural cycles of this Universe. The moon can teach us so much about our bodies, our minds, and our desires, and it can help us powerfully create what we want in our lives.

Simply put, the moon amplifies our manifestation power. Yes, we can harness the energy of the moon to create and realize our dreams. I know this because, since 2001 I’ve experienced the excellent results of being connected to the lunar cycles. I manifested a trip around the world, multiple international adventures, the love of my life whom I’m married to, great financial success in my business, and not to mention, emotional balance. I now have access to resilience, happiness, peace, gratitude, and groundedness—more than ever before.

The moon has played an enormous role in all of this.

You may be wondering: How does one go about fully connecting to the moon cycles and harnessing its energy? What does that even look like?

Well, for the first time I’ll be sharing my moon cycle manifestation secrets with you—for free. I created the Moon Cycle Manifestation Challenge to help women truly elevate their power to manifest what they really want, while clearing blocks and practicing self-care in the process. It’s a holistic and aligned approach to manifestation that works.

If there are aspects of your life you’d like to change or things you’d like to call into your life, I invite you to join me for the 28-Day Moon Cycle Manifestation Challenge starting on Sunday, October 30th.

Get all of the details and sign up here.

In the meantime, let me tell you about the current full moon in Aries happening at 23 degrees right next to Uranus, the planet of revolution, and Eris which represents discord. It’s a supermoon, which means it’s a perigee full moon, or a full moon within 90% of its closest proximity to Earth. So we’ll be able to feel the intensity of this lunation with supreme receptivity. Yet, with the moon so closely aligned with Uranus and Eris, we’ll also feel the urge for a change. Dramatic change. Our emotions unraveled. Our focus sharp. Our intuition on fire. Our bodies ready to dance. Our spirits massively elevated.

We can expect the unexpected.

On top of this, Pluto, which represents the depths of our psyche (and the dark of our soul) makes an awkward angle to Mercury, which rules our communication. So keep on the lookout for secrets now ready for revelation.

This full moon is meant to bring sh*t up. So stay centered, and willing to ride it out. If you hit turbulence, ground down.

You’ve got this.

Get outside and take in the moonlight. With the moon in Aries, a courageous fire sign that initiates the season of spring, we stand to gain some courage. So if you feel like you need it, now’s the time to conjure and create from the most primal place within. Connect with your power, but at the same time be careful not to power trip. Tense situations can blow up. Don’t light the match. It’s not worth it. Instead, redirect to your joy. After all, it’s truly what the world needs right now. Joy, compassion, love and acceptance.

Don’t forget to sign up for my free 28 day Moon Cycle Manifestation course where I will take you through all 8 phases of the moon and teach you exactly how to manifest. Next month, the Taurus full moon will be the most pronounced supermoon of the year. You don’t want to miss this!

Now over to you. Do you feel the intensity of this moon? If so, how? What’s coming up for you?

As always, I send you all of my love. Big hugs.

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  • Christine

    As usual your words touch me deep in my heart 💕 this month when you wrote about courage …it spoke to me on a whole other level! I have been working BIG time on spreading my mission of RedefiningHealthy with the world and courage has been my theme lately. I am speaking next week to a big group and my talk is all about how to find the courage deep inside of us, what it feels like and WHY it is so important we find tell others about it💕 Hugs to you my friend! You reminded me about the courageous steps I have taken oxox

    • jracioppi

      You, my dear, are one of the most courageous women I know. And, I love you, deeply. Thank you for commenting. Happy full moon. Can not wait until the next time I get to see you.

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