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What Do You Want to Commit to Next?

If your life looks anything like mine, you may find yourself at the end of a long, narrow road, completely done with where you have been, and simultaneously unsure of where you are heading next.

A dead end? A cross road? A standstill?

Nope. Rather, a cosmic unfolding beckoning your co-creation of an entirely new path. Assuming you are willing to take strong action on behalf of your truth, you are on the brink of everything coming into alignment.

In my life, I’m on the verge of major, life altering, identity-shifting decisions that will radically reconstitute how I live. I get the sense that I am not alone.

The last two eclipses brought the unconscious to the conscious, shining light on who and what authentically supports us, and simultaneously calling out everywhere deception captured our insight like a hungry ghost. (No surprise this all happened during the Halloween season.) Now, as we approach the Taurus full moon, the Venus-ruled-fixed-earth-energy-of-the-bull, beckons our down-to-earth sensibilities and brass tacks abilities. This full moon asks us to leave the land of deception behind and execute change (even though the one thing Taurus dislikes is change). What do you desire?

Remaining at a standstill just ain’t an option.

Thankfully, the Scorpio sun (opposite the Taurus moon), snuggling closely with Venus and Saturn, does not give a damn about nostalgic sentiment, and rather has a hardcore approach to transformation. Under the influence of Scorpio, we must grow or die.  (Well, not literally; but, you get the metaphor, right?!)

Enough is enough. Have you had it? I know I have.

There are certain things in your life that have played their course. Mine too. Behaviors, thoughts, patterns, addictions, relationships, homes, people, and places that came into our lives at a certain time for certain reasons, and, for whatever reason, no longer apply.

Consider the action (or the outcome) that feels aligned for you. Take that, instead.

As human beings on the planet, we have one thing and one thing only we are meant to do this lifetime: evolve. Personally, from time to time, I hold onto things well past the expiration date out of fear of letting them go, simultaneously sabotaging my development. Now is the time to look that behavior head on and change.

As women, our bodies force us to change monthly — even well beyond menopause.  Due to our inherent connection to the moon, our bodies forever experience metamorphosis in rhythm with a waxing and waning cycle. It’s inherent to our being. This full moon constitutes a climax and the initiation of a release.

Now is not the time to fight change.

Look objectively at what is happening in your life. Find your Divine NO. You know, the no that comes from deep within your heart. The no that allows you to protect the internal thread of sacredness. The no that gives you strength to perform herculean tasks without a single drop of wasted sweat, like a mother lifting a car off of a child. The no that opens you up to possibilities via your process of elimination. The no that lets you shed a decade’s worth of settling for boundary-crossing behaviors that have you questioning your sanity. The no that sets you free. Yup, that’s the no we need right now.

As we approach the full moon tonight, there are a few things we all have to consider. Chief among them:

What do you want to let go?

What do you want to commit to?

Who do you need to become in order to have what you desire?

In my personal life, I celebrate the ferocity within that will allow me to embrace radical honesty so I can shed what is no longer serving me. Please join me.

Burn, baby burn.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you are releasing this full moon. Also, if you need help finding your “no,” reach out! I am here to help you.

As always, I send you my love.




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  • mimi


    • jenn

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I deeply appreciate it. I can not wait to hear what you release this full moon… Big hugs,

  • Ali

    I love that you have the space for us to do this when I’m not lucky enough to be with you in person 🙂

    I’d love to let go of my pattern of not taking responsibility of my money and my health- and the sneakiness I have with myself and my support system around it. I commit to getting sober with finances and health and anything else I need to do. I commit to taking action around it- setting up systems for 2015, figuring out numbers, calling doctors, etc.

    Love you chica!

    • jenn

      Ali– Great work on naming this for yourself. That said, getting clear is often the hardest part. I 100% support you in accomplishing all of your desires. Financial sobriety and amazing health is yours:) Love you. Let me know how else I can support you. Warmly, Jenn

  • Stefanie

    Jenn, this post was perfect! I am letting go of anything and everything that is keeping me from being in the creative and love-filled flow I deserve, want and need to express. As a result of this release I am calling forth the easy and graceful unfolding and abundant sale of my book (this useful tool for the world) and inviting in my romantic BFF to get this life partnership started! I am ready :). Thanks again, my friend! Big hug of gratitude to you!!

    • jenn

      Stefanie, What a beautiful declaration. I 100% hold this vision for you. I can not wait to read your book! And see you in love too:) I look forward to celebrating with you… Big hugs, Jenn

  • Anastasia

    Your emails are always a treat in my inbox, thank you! This full moon, I am releasing dependence on others. I am manifesting my dreams for myself. Thanks for the great pep talk!

    • jenn

      Thanks Anastasia! I fully support you in the release of any unhealthy dependence on others and I see you completely in the process of manifesting your dreams:) I appreciate you reading my newsletter and leaving a comment. If there is anything else I can do to support you– let me know! Until next time, Jenn xxoo

  • Cameran


    WOW. Always spot on !! Thank you for this blog post I have read and re-read it 10x at a minimum !!

    Thank you !


    • jenn

      Thanks Cameran! I appreciate you reading and commenting.

      Big hugs,


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