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New Moon in Pisces 2020: Strengthen Your Psychic Superpowers

new moon in pisces

We’ve recently crossed over the threshold from the depths of winter toward the first signs of spring. Sunlight is lingering longer at the end of the day, and if you’re in tune with nature’s rhythms, you may have already felt a little break in the energetic heaviness of the season. That said: we’re still firmly planted in winter, and this new moon in Pisces heralds the last dregs of the season.

The new moon happens at 4 degrees in the sign of ultra-intuitive Pisces on Sunday, February 23rd at 10:31 am ET. At the same time, it makes a sextile to Mars, which is hanging out at 5 degrees in highly-structured Capricorn. Meanwhile, Neptune, the ruler of this new moon makes an auspicious connection to Jupiter, who’s also in Capricorn. To top it off, the new moon forms a perfect trine to the North Node of fate and destiny.

In English?! This combination, albeit weighty, allows for a supportive cosmic moment to set your intentions for this lunation.

The Pisces New Moon: Earth and Water Makes Mud

With the majority of the planets traveling in earth and water signs, things can feel gunky. There’s zero planetary influence in air signs at the moment leaving things a bit dense. So yes, please do get outside, and spend time breathing, but also just know that the heaviness, and moodiness of the moment, creates the pressure required for new growth to begin to root down.

Remember, mud is super nourishing, and the exact atmosphere that seeds begin to germinate in.

There are Pivotal + Powerful Forces at Work

Plant your seeds of desire now and know that the weeks ahead bring unprecedented astrological aspects. By the time we complete this lunar cycle at the new moon in Aries on March 24th, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all going to come into close contact. Mars can bring forth aggression seemingly out of nowhere, while Saturn is the cosmic authoritarian, and Pluto is a transformative powerhouse. Add to that Jupiter—who makes everything it touches bigger—and we have dynamic energy on our hands in the upcoming weeks.

These are major astrological transits, love.

The kind that astrologers have been talking about for decades. These transits alone would be enough to set us on edge, but we’re also in the midst of Mercury retrograde in Pisces until March 9th, not to mention what’s been going on on planet Earth. There’s mass fear over the coronavirus, the increasingly heated political situation in the U.S., amongst other intense occurrences. If you’re a human on this planet at this point in time, your emotional well-being is probably taking a hit. I know mine is for sure.

But here’s the thing…

There is always, always a way to nourish our soul needs

… even in the darkest parts of winter. And the cosmos gives us a clue how to do just that. While this new moon has challenges, Mars is also forming a supportive trine to Uranus, the planet of innovation. Combine this aspect with the sheer force of everything else going on astrologically, and we have the potential to tap into a major creative breakthrough in our lives. On top of this Venus in Aries squares Jupiter in Capricorn. While a square isn’t the easiest, these two planets, who respectively represent love and growth, push all of us to reach for a better tomorrow.

Hone and Honor Your Intuition This New Moon In Pisces

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and with its arrival, we can count on many things to come to their final conclusion—sometimes even if we don’t want them to. The key to emotional resilience during this season of life is to strengthen our psychic superpowers.

Listen to your inner wisdom as if you were listening to your best friend—because you are. And then follow her guidance! Chances are she’ll lovingly remind you to move your body, get fresh air, and absorb art and music that stirs your soul. After all, Neptune, the planet that influences artists and musicians, rules Pisces.

Bottom line: Catharsis is non-negotiable. For more on releasing and restoring, check this IG post, And remember, at the end of the day, you are your own guru. Tap into those psychic superpowers that we all possess to find out what you truly need to thrive as we move through the rest of this season.

What are your favorite ways to tap into your intuition? Prioritize them now.

I put together a playlist to complement this Pisces new moon. Pisces, a sign that favors art, encourages healing through sound and vibration. This playlist has some melodic and cacophonic jazz that mirrors the intensity, and possibility, of the moment. If you are looking for ways to process your emotions and set intentions for this new moon, check it out here.

Now over to you. What intentions are you setting for yourself this new moon? Remember this once-in-a-lifetime new moon could literally catalyze the change you most desire–especially as we launch straight into some of the most compelling astrological weather of our lives.

Let me know what you are conjuring in the comments below!

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  • Amanda L Fossati

    My intention is to continue building my self confidence, strength, and self love, both in preparation for feeling grounded and strong for birthing my first child in early April, but also generally, as I’ve been on a hard path of healing family trauma- some of which are still very present and painful in me (especially with my mom) – and I really want to make a change in my process – I want to dig deep and release and change and move the weight off of me!! It’s been too much and too unfair for me to bare alone and it’s time to shed the next, big layer. I also am simultaneously working on setting boundaries and standing up for/speaking out my truth. My mom has walked all over me and intimidates me, and I need to stand up to her. So far, and maybe ultimately, this is internal work (not sure/ready about vocalizing), but that’s also where I’m at. Finally, I have a lot of anger and pain that needs to be released, and so I’m very much working on cultivating self love, compassion and grace, to give myself the space, respect and patience I deserve. I’ve never commented on a post before, but I felt compelled this time around. I love your work, and find it so helpful, inspiring and supportive. Thank you for doing what you do!

  • tanya

    I am conjuring my own independence I’m my career, terrifying! Also prioritizing aspects of my health. Putting my work into competitive spaces, planning industry workshops. All new and so scary and exciting at the same time. Thank you for the wonderful insight always 🖤

  • Karolina

    Hi. Thank you for these posts. I always wonder – will the intentions have more power/potential when they are set in a journal or during a new moon ritual right at the time of the new moon transit? Or is it okay to do them anytime as long as the moon is in the sign of the new moon – Pisces this time around. Thank you 🙏🏻

  • PJ

    Become someone I would fall in love with!

  • Kash

    With all the emotional transition happening since last 2 years (and getting to terms with death); I feel I have become too complacent and scared of taking next steps. No will power to think what lies ahead. In last 2 days, I feel there is a need to take small steps; begin as slow as your body wants but do move. Build yourself again and fight your fears. This is too much to think of but something in me is asking me to do this; something seems different. I hope universe provides me the emotional, physical and mental strength for this

  • Heather Dressel

    My Mew Moon intention is to deepen my connection to my body. In order to continue moving forward with my healing journey and work in the world this connection is essential. It’s time to really honor her by making non-negotiable space to get quiet, nourish and nurture myself in ways that support my deepest desires.

    New Moon Blessings and thank you 💖🌚🙏

  • shannon

    I’m setting an intention to reconnect with my intuition, and to do the things that facilitate that. I am also looking to strive less and flow more, though that might be hard with these current transits. 😉

  • Judirh

    Your blogs are so informative and I love your IG as well. Excited to try the playlist !

  • Chantel

    These are always so well written and powerful! Thank you, Jennifer.

    My intention is to continue living in service, being a source of light and inspiration to humanity, and raising conciousness as a result. I’m now fully open to walking this path with a divine partner in purpose and bringing life into this world together.

  • Elle

    Hi Jenn,
    First off, I’ve been following you for some time now, and absolutely love what you share with the world. Every post hits home for me, and grounds me, especially lately as I’ve felt heavier, more sensitive and emotional than ever.
    For this new moon, and actually for a few weeks now, I’ve set an intention on making my career change come to fruition. I am waiting to hear on next steps for an interview, and it’s something very close and dear to my heart, and it will be quite a career shift for me. I am excited and perhaps a bit impatient. But can use all the good vibes I can get!
    Thank you.

  • Rachel

    My intention is to pursue my ideal career in a place that is not logical but I know could have unexpected opportunities if I persist.
    Thanks so much for your valuable posts!

  • Jamie

    This is a powerful feeling new moon indeed! I am in the PST and I have been buzzed awake in time for the new moon alignment for the past hour! (8:06 pst as I write this) I was thrilled to find your new moon email to explain to me – or validate really – what I am feeling, and also felt coming 2 years ago! Both my parents are Pisces twin flames though since 3 years after my birth have rarely been able to be in the same room for more than a day or an evening. This is the polarization that has been the main purpose of my life to create balance with -which only I could do because I am a libra and so is my twin flame, life partner. And together we have an almost six-year-old Pisces born on the spring vernal equinox March 20th 2014.
    My mind has always been more like my Dads, more focused, disciplined and spiritually centered, though creatively drawn. His creativity leaned more towards musical theater and acting though only as a hobby. My Mother was/ is wildly and amazingly creatively talented and skilled in all arts she tried- especially painting which turn out looking like photographs! Though she was also wildly emotional, unstable and insecure without my fathers solid core …
    I love to sing and have done several musicals at a local community theater and I am also a writer and artist with a natural skill that I have dabbled with, But that I stifled sometime in grade or middle school. I suppose I decided that despite my mothers amazing talent in all areas creative, her lack of stability and follow through to make anything creative into something stable and financially rewarding, sent me running in my fathers direction.
    From the Seattle area where I grew up, back to N. California where I was born and my Dad lives.
    Almost 23 years later after so very much work and healing on both sides of this polarization, and rebuilding a creative life with my life partner almost from scratch but with two kids of mine from a previous marriage. With this new moon, I feel the powerful creative surge of what’s been building up for at least a decade, or more since I wrote my first full novel (Flashpoint). Since the time of my Saturn return. I’ve been afraid to fully live my creative life. To own it and live it vibrantly and thriving! My partner and I had a huge download of our life purpose together when we first met and the past ten years have been clearing our path to get to this point and beyond.
    I’m less afraid than I was 2 years ago feeling like I (my ego) was dying… I have loved being a face painter for 3-4 years now, the colors, the glitter!! The joy I expect and create along with the abundance that flowed for the joy I spent!
    But it’s time to move into the next phase of my integration as a grounded, emotionally and spiritually balanced artist, writer, creator that will – finally- live fully and thrive!!! Eeeeeeeeek!!
    This new moon post is INCREDIBLY Validating to the very long healing journey I have been on and yes!, the deep souls stirring calling to art Nuevo, watercolor, writing, renaissance rich quality beauty and awakening! Yes! It’s time!! I’m finally ready!! Thank you!

  • Micaela

    ooooh it’s been heavy.
    My intention: Reminding myself to surrender to the present. Not what happened. Not what’s next. The deliciousness of right now. Stir in it. Drink it in. Live in it.

  • martha

    So above as below, the heavens are the guide for my meta view of life rhythms.
    Thank you for the explanation and charting, I am not sure I understand all of it but I know my body picks up on the energies. After a long crazy making, heartbreaking divorce I find myself in deep regret and new perspectives, layers and layers of defense have dropped. I am feeling extremely vulnerable to my own self defeating righteous bad impulses . So my intentions for this new moon is continue dropping defense and regret and step up to the power that is in me to create a new life late in life. I am giving up my fears of financial insecurity and fears of never be loved again. I am embracing nature, moving, music & art as tools for creatively attracting love, power, new sustainable beginnings.
    How do I get to the playlist?

  • Sandra

    Through mind, body and soul, let the universe flow. As above, so below.
    Everything is as it should be. I am free.
    Peace and Joy, S.Lee

  • Kristie Stoynoff

    I love and look forward to your messages.
    I’m feeling so different…I’m trying to understand.

  • Alexandra

    Thank you for this beautiful post, Jennifer.

    My intentions are

    To find POWER from within and use it to control my image, my time, my location, my abundance, and my boundaries.

    To find FREEDOM to express my ideas artistically. To find freedom from my limiting beliefs. To find freedom to believe what i want to–that i am worthy of love, that the best outcome is possible.

    To find PLEASURE and SENSUALITY with myself without having to imagine another person desiring me.

    To give and receive more SUPPORT in my relationship. To help each other find our own power.

    To nurture CONNECTIONS with my family, friends, and spiritual community. To be the hub and the host of intimate, joyous gatherings.

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