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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius: A Call for Co-Independence

The new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius, happening at 27 degrees on February 15th at 4:05 pm ET, coincides with the Chinese New Year. Welcome to the year of the earth dog. Despite being a new moon solar eclipse, which typically signifies a beginning, it’s also an ending (given that this late degree eclipse occurs […]

The new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius, happening at 27 degrees on February 15th at 4:05 pm ET, coincides with the Chinese New Year. Welcome to the year of the earth dog.

Despite being a new moon solar eclipse, which typically signifies a beginning, it’s also an ending (given that this late degree eclipse occurs on the South Node). So, as you prepare to plant your seeds of intention for the year ahead (and beyond) stay reverent of what’s ending, too.

Eclipses Expedite Growth And Transformation

Eclipses hold three times the power of a regular new moon or full moon, making this a beautiful and powerful moment to productively work with these potent energies. Since this moon rides the visionary and the progressive leadership energy of Aquarius, this is a time for leading and launchingyour way. Bring your unique qualities and authenticity into everything you put forth. Don’t hold back your truth.

It’s important to note that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (and traditionally Saturn), and represents change. Progressive change. So, loosen the reins and set sail in a new direction, while still honoring tradition and stability. Additionally, this positive new moon offers stellar support from Venus (the planet of love) exalted in Pisces, in a perfect angle of support to Saturn, the great disciplinarian of the zodiac. This transit encourages long-term commitments, and you may see new partnerships commence or deepen now. Further, with Mercury in Aquarius right next to the sun and the moon, both in an angle of support to Uranus (the ruler of this new moon), you can expect new ideas and new opportunities abound.

And thank god! I know the last few weeks have been challenging. With the recent lunar eclipse, it’s likely that something big exited your life; that’s because eclipses expedite growth and transformation.

When you consider the actual sequence of lunar and solar events, it makes total sense.

A Major Cosmic Shift In A Short Period Of Time

During the total lunar eclipse, the moon went from full, to dark and red, then back to fully illuminated again. As the earth’s shadow covered the moon, the moon experienced a blackout of light, and then returned to its position of receptivity (all within a brief period).

The expedition of karma and evolution created by an eclipse may feel dizzying and confusing, yet it fast-tracks your growth massively.

Eclipses act like a broom that comes through and sweeps out aspects of life that aren’t long-term. For better or worse. Eclipses aren’t necessarily thoughtful or kind… so there’s that. And trust me—I know, it can be brutal. But these difficult experiences expedite healing. Remember that.

Step Into A Bigger Chapter Of Your Life

That said, this new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius brings a beautiful opportunity to step into a bigger chapter of your life, whether that’s in business, relationship, health, or financial abundance.

This particular eclipse belongs to Saros Series 150, and the last solar eclipse in this cycle was February 5, 2000. From the perspective of a metonic cycle (the 19 year lunar rhythm of the nodes), the last time we had the same eclipse at exactly 27 degrees of Aquarius—the exact degree of this eclipse—was February 16, 1999.

Try to remember what you were conjuring, thinking about, and creating then, as it correlates to now.

Even more so, consider where you want to be in 2036, when you’ll experience the next edition of the Saros Series 150 eclipses. Consider the long-term impact of the seeds you’re planting now. Remember, success isn’t a race—it’s a rhythm. Everything we do is connected—past, present and future.

The Power Of Collaboration And Community

Another key aspect of this new moon is the Aquarian energy of collaboration. With a big push to own your truth and lead independently, there’s also a call to co-create, in your community, and with one another.

I recently saw an ad for the Netflix show Frankie + Grace that called them co-independent. In many ways the term co-independent summarizes the energy of this new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius: independence within a circle of support, unified by a common vision. Hence why I’m launching Lunar Logic Moon School now. It’s a community of co-independent women coming together in the name of cosmic growth in 2018. Check it out and consider joining us!

Overall, this is a great time to devote yourself to the things you wish to manifest in the future, and the eclipse season makes it an especially pivotal time to move forward. To that end, look to release anything that is keeping you stuck in the past: resentments, relationships, and past ambitions that no longer serve your ultimate mission.

Set intentions that are in alignment with your goals for your personal evolution, the evolution of the world, and your highest good. And most of all, think about what you really want to call into your life.

Your Moon Work (Should You Choose To Accept!)

1. Trust strong intuitive hits & prepare to take action.

With Uranus, the ruler of this new moon solar eclipse, in a sextile to the sun, moon, and Mercury, you can expect your intuition to come through loud and clear. Uranus, after all, rules out-of-the-box thinking, and when prominently placed (as he is this new moon), it can signify massive intuitive connections and downloads. Tune in for downloads on how to guide your healing process.

2. Be with your emotions (this is a biggie).

Given Aquarius’ fixed status, connecting with feelings might feel challenging right now. Thankfully, Venus is in a sublime position in Pisces, helping you to feel (and feel deeply). I highly recommend creating space to connect to your emotional body during this new moon solar eclipse. One of the key things you can learn right now is how to be comfortable with all of your emotions without needing to fix or deny them.

Can you be present with everything that comes up for you emotionally? What do you need to do to strengthen this relationship with yourself? What support do you need to help you feel your emotions more fully? Should you feel the need, give yourself permission to have a good cry—it’s okay. If crying is something you struggle with, rent some tear jerkers and have a movie night to let yourself release and feel.

3. Look to the future.

Where do you want to be nine months from now? A year from now? Eighteen or 19 years from now? Aquarius is known for futuristic thinking and encourages getting down with your big picture vision. A new moon encourages that too, but a solar eclipse in Aquarius? Now’s the ultimate time to think big picture vision for your life and how you wish to be of service.

Be sure to create some space to sit down and meditate on what your dream life looks like. Consider creating a Pinterest board or vision board, and find a way to connect with that future vision every day. Vision boards aren’t your thing? Write about what you hope to accomplish. Consider the obstacles that stand in the way of accomplishing your goals, then write about what you plan to do to overcome them. Commit to your future.

4. Practice kundalini yoga.

Embrace the age of Aquarius in all her glory! Yes, you heard me. Get your breath of fire on! It might just be exactly what you need to recalibrate your emotional and physical body. Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness because it is a workout for the mind, body, and soul. It’s a great way to ground into and connect with your higher self in this process of massive change and authentic leadership. And if kundalini isn’t your cup of tea, try this kundalini core fusion practice by Gloria Latham! And if you’re looking for even more, commit to 40 days of practice. This number is held sacred in many traditions, and it’s not just superstition. Scientific research suggests that 40 days is a sufficient number to allow for dramatic transformation. Aim for 66 days if you want to be really sure!

5. Host a new moon ritual.

With collaborative energy abound this new moon, hosting a circle of ladies in your home is a beautiful way to kick off this fresh energy and plant seeds of intention together. There’s something very powerful and solidifying to voice both the things you’re letting go of, and to declare the things you’re calling into your life this year in the presence of other like-minded people. You don’t have to hold your vision alone; they can hold it for you, too. And you can hold theirs for them.

6. Get your freak on!

Move, shake, and groove! Dance is scientifically proven to improve emotional, physical, and psychological health. Why? Because as this study states:

“Dance involves the culturally mediated body, emotion, and mind. So do illness and pain… Dance may help the healing process as a person gains a sense of control through possession by the spiritual in dance, mastery of movement, escape or diversion from stress and pain through a change in emotion, states of consciousness, and/or physical capability, and confronting stressors to work through ways of handling their effects.”

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re a good dancer or not. Do you and embrace freedom! Learn to love being in and making the most of your body. And if you need inspiration, check out this playlist I created. I picked songs that have an Aquarian vibe and speak to evolution, revolution and love.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! What do you feel coming as this Aquarius new moon solar eclipse lands? Are you getting inspired to commit to big change? Leave me a comment below!


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