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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo: A Date with Destiny

With summer in full roar and quickly approaching a denouement, we have the third of three eclipses this summer happening on August 11th at 5:57 am ET. The new moon solar eclipse in Leo, a supermoon north node eclipse, happens at 18 degrees of Leo and offers a portal of opportunity to upgrade the way […]

new moon solar eclipse in leo supermoon 2018

With summer in full roar and quickly approaching a denouement, we have the third of three eclipses this summer happening on August 11th at 5:57 am ET. The new moon solar eclipse in Leo, a supermoon north node eclipse, happens at 18 degrees of Leo and offers a portal of opportunity to upgrade the way we lead.

Now is the time to take the lessons learned over the previous weeks and months, and incorporate them into your new vision of life.

It’s time for an upgrade.

What Causes a New Moon Solar Eclipse

A new moon happens when the sun and the moon join at the same zodiacal degree in the sky. Scientifically, the Earth and the sun align at the same ecliptic longitude,* but spiritually and energetically, this creates the opportunity for a new beginning. When the sun aligns with either of the moon’s nodes—mathematical intersection points that fall in two opposite zodiac signs— and the moon joins it a solar eclipse occurs.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo: A Date With Destiny

This particular partial eclipse aligns with the moon’s north node (true node), meaning this eclipse asks us to initiate a new chapter in our lives as it relates to our highest destiny. Thankfully, Leo inspires courage. The lioness asks for a commitment to leadership. She opens up the potential for genuine authenticity. Most importantly though, Leo asks for presence.

Astrologically speaking, the last few months have brought intense configurations. Multiple retrograde cycles and three eclipses rocked the status quo. However, even more poignantly, all of this is layered on top of the fact that we’re still digesting other significant astrological shifts of 2018: Uranus entering into Taurus, Chiron entering into Aries, and Saturn making his way through the first decan of Capricorn.

In English?

This year is almost two-thirds complete and has already introduced several opportunities to begin brand new cycles. Further, summer of 2018 (or winter for those down under) put the whole damn thing in a review with 6+ retrogrades, asking us to conjure a sense of centeredness and resilience.

Given that the Age of Aquarius hangs in the balance, the summer of 2018 seems particularly compelling when it comes to getting our bearings together for this transition.

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius: Check Your Privilege

Shortly after the solstice, on June 26th, Mars stationed retrograde, a position he remains in until August 27th, 2018. Mars, the ruler of Aries and Scorpio, correlates with ambition, love, leadership, exertion, and power. His retrograde period happens once every two years, offering a sincere invitation to review how we wield our power and—quite honestly for many of us—our privilege too.

For the majority of his retrograde cycle, he transited through Aquarius, a sign that stands for progressive values. Even the last eclipse, which happened in Aquarius, conjoined Mars retrograde, commanding an in-depth look at how we societally embrace a collective vision for where we wish to head.

The power here lies in the clarity of your visions.

Lean into the recent lessons learned (or even those currently undergoing digestion) and leverage their teachings as precious information. Align your vision with your truth, and set intentions to soar.

This year, a 2-year in numerology, asks us to deepen our maturity, bolster our resilience and embrace our responsibility to create social change. It doesn’t mince words. The cosmos ask us to stay resilient as we co-create our dreams. And to make sure our ideas speak to inclusivity, justice, kindness, and love.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo: An Evolution in Leadership

With the new moon solar eclipse in Leo happening at 18-degrees at 5:57 am EDT, new opportunities are ushered in today. As the now-waning sun works his way through the sign of the Lion, this supermoon solar eclipse invites clarity and vision when it comes to an understanding of how you are showing up to lead in your life and the global community.

Where are you going for—no matter what—as it applies to your personal development, goals, and desires for yourself or the world? What are you declaring in your life?

From the perspective of astrology (which is very different from astronomy), eclipses represent times of change and transformation. Lunar eclipses, like the blood moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius that we had on July 27th, reveal our blind spots; while solar eclipses, like the one on the 11th, initiate new cycles of growth.

Regardless of whether an eclipse falls on a new moon or a full moon, all eclipses usher change, and they typically embody profound unpredictability.

Given that we’re also in the midst of Mercury, Mars, and so many other retrograde cycles, doing even more in-depth work to listen to the truth emerging from within becomes of critical importance.

Transformation Requires Healing Your Ego

With Venus in Libra opposing Chiron in Aries, look for paths that will lead you toward more profound healing. Further, with Pluto in an inconjunct to the conjoined sun and moon at the time of the eclipse, we have to let go of the voice of our fear and resource the voice of love. There’s no other way. Pluto asks us to eliminate a part of our ego that just ain’t servin’ us any longer.

The last few months have had some intense and challenging astrological configurations, so it’s with this new moon that you are being called forth to initiate a new beginning. New moons are times of quiet and rest, and eclipses require space to go extra slow (this is especially true with so many planets retrograde at the time of the eclipse).

There’s no need to force anything. Go at your own pace. With good luck Jupiter in an applying trine to Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Capricorn making an auspicious connection to Uranus in Taurus, this solar eclipse brings opportunity. A new moon solar eclipse in Leo asks all us to step into leadership (even more so if you are a Leo).

Consider this…

If everything went as well as it possibly could, what would you create?

How would you live?

What do you desire?

Write down your wishes and dreams. Allow your heartfelt, soul-driven goals to percolate!

Here Are 4 Ways to Optimize the Impact of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo:

1. Give yourself a reality check.

Recognize we find ourselves in profoundly shifting times. From the excessive use of technology to the increasing intensifying political climate to looming environmental and societal issues. Ask yourself how you want to lead during these trying moments. Which side of history are you committed to?

2. Know your truth.

What are the experiences that light you up? What gets you so excited that you could do it morning, noon, and night? Who do you want to be in the world? How do you want to show up? Meditate, journal, and get clear on all of these things.

3. Take action in alignment with your truth.

Now that you know what fuels your fire, what can you start doing right now to incorporate it into your life? What actions can you take to start being the person you want to be in the world? It can be as small as welcoming strangers with a smile or as significant as speaking at an event.

4. Embrace the spotlight.

As you act in alignment with your truth, you may get more attention than you’re used to (especially in the midst of Leo season). Feel the fear and keep moving forward anyway. And remember: the world needs you. You must follow your dreams and share your gifts with the world. Let yourself be seen, heard, and desired.

Now over to you! What’s coming up for you around the eclipses, retrogrades, and Leo season? Have you felt called to step into the spotlight as a leader? Leave me a comment below!

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